The next coming weeks will prove to be entertaining, and give us a true sense of the winter spirit. Local schools across the valley are diligently practicing and fine tuning their winter program performances for your enjoyment. High schools, middle schools, even some elementary schools are working hard to bring that special moment to their parents, classmates, school staff, and the community.
I remember my own experiences being a part of the school band, jazz band, and choir. We would practice daily as the winter shows approached. I would consistently catch myself humming Christmas music during my regular classes, and I would never let my mother listen to Christmas music while I was around because I had enough during school. Regardless of my build up distain for Christmas music, I was always excited and proud to perform for anyone who would come to see the show.
Everyone should take the chance and see a winter performance at a local school. These students work so hard. Some schools do charge to see the winter performances, but the fee is worth it to support the program. You can find performances all over the valley’s many local schools. If you like to see the young ones dressed in their winter best, I suggest middle schools. Many middle schools have a music program, such as Indio Middle, Thomas Jefferson, Colonel Mitchell Page, Bobby Duke, and Raymond Cree just to name a few. If you want to see a larger band with seasoned musicians, I suggest you take in a good high school performance. Every regular high school in the valley is having a winter performance. High school performances can be some of the best performances in town. Most of these young musicians have been playing since middle school, and can hold their own with most adult professional musicians. All of the show will take place during the week of the 17th. You can find the show dates and times on the schools’ websites. Some of the shows will conflict so choose carefully if attending more than one show.
If you are a religious person, I highly suggest you attend one of the Christmas performances at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Indio, or Sacred Heart School in Palm Desert. Both schools will put on a wonderful show telling the biblical journey of the birth of Christ and Christmas. The kids perform and sing as the biblical story comes alive. The Coachella Valley has something for everyone during this holiday season.
College of the Desert (COD) is also having a winter event. On campus, in the Pollock Theater, many performances will take place from 12/11 through 12/17. From jazz, to symphony, to vocal recitals, COD is pulling out all the stops this season. For further information on these performances, you can call (760) 773-2565, or visit These performances will be highly professional, and provide a great night out at the theater.
I urge you all as a community to go out and support your local school during these winter shows. You do not need to have a child attending the school. These performances are meant to showcase what the music or performing arts departments are accomplishing. Also, the children will love to see a full house. I know what it is like to look out into the audience and see all the seats filled. At that moment, I knew all the hard work was worth it. Lest give these students the same feeling while taking in a bit of the holiday spirit.

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