By Jennifer Tan AKA Mrs. Fett

Since 1970, San Diego has played host to what started as a small gathering of comic, movie, and science fiction fans. Now, that small convention has become one of the largest comic conventions in the world. 130,000 fans hunt for tickets to the coveted San Diego Comic-Con, and for good reason!
Comic-Con has always been a labyrinth of panels, game rooms, preview screenings, competitions, and getting lost, as fun as it is, in reality, is a nightmare. The LAST thing you want to do is find out your lost, the panel for American Dad starts in 10 minutes, and you are on the other side of the convention center! For the past few years, Comic-Con has made it easier by sending out a Comic-Con program guide, but in my opinion, perplexity is unavoidable.
Comic-Con survival guide. These are key strategies to survive, enjoy, and make the MOST out of your SDCC trip. Comfortable shoes are the most important weapon you could bring. Even if you are cosplaying, invest in some Dr. Scholls, and keep your feet happy. You are going to be tempted to bring a backpack, but remember, they give you a massive bag, so no need to double down. Bring water, small snacks, and 5hr energy, you’re going to need it! Phone charger, batteries, more batteries, and mobile hotspots are vital if you are going to be sharing your experience while you are there. (Seriously, who isn’t going to be!)
While you are there, make sure you donate blood to the Robert A. Heinlein Blood Drive, going on its’ 37th year, make it the biggest, and longest running blood drive in San Diego. The Masquerade, is almost mandatory for first time goers. Its not a ball, but a very well orchestrated, highly entertaining talent and costume show, showcasing handmade, one-of-a-kind costumes from every genre of pop culture.
This year, I will be representing my gaming sponsor NewBreed Girl, and handing out awesome swag like shirts, buttons, keychains, trinkets and more, all while getting my hands on some of the most anticipated games of the year. AC4:Black Flag, COD: Ghosts, BF4, and whatever Sony wants to put in front of me.
So why is everyone SO HYPED on Comic-Con? Let’s recap. Cosplayers, free stuff, new movies, celebrities, new technology, premier parties, hands on gaming previews, contests, prizes, friends, gaming, social networking, art, movies, workshops, Star Wars, and the most amazing Masquerade. See you there!