I would like to THANK EVERYONE who came out to the CV Music Awards this past Sunday night at the Riviera in PS. A good time was had by all and there are many THANKS I would like to extend in print:
Congratulations to all the Nominees AND Winners! A BIG thank you to all of the bands that performed: Se7en4, Bridger, Blasting Echo, Remnants of Man, HOBP, Michael Keeth & Martin Barrera, John Stanley King, Long Duk Dong, Perishment, Machin’, The Hellions, Thr3 Strykes, Hive Minds, Mighty Delta-Tones and Inner Planetary Monks. A HUGE Thank you to Kevin Swank of CYM Lighting, Pat Connelly from All Star Sound, Brandon Henderson our Stage Manager and Greg Little our Production Manager, (Basically My DREAM TEAM!!) for making everyone sound and look SO AWESOME!!! and Randy Hewitson from Musician’s Outlet/SIR for our backline and donating the electric guitar for the raffle. Thank you to my co-host Caroldean Ross. Thank you to all of our sponsors: Crater Lake Vodka (Kathy Schriefer & Jim Bendis), Tilted Kilt (Russ Dalgetty), Coachella Valley Brewing Co., BAR, Giuseppe’s (the Funkey Family), Discount Hydroponics (Michael Hess), Guitar ER (Jimmy Palmer),Tg Tat (Sean Wood), Desertwraps.com – vehicle wraps (Shelly Sheppard & Soto Desertwraps), Loving All Animals Org (Lorie Loftis & Lindi Biggi), Palm Springs Riviera (Shauna Aguirre) for being an amazing venue. And thanks to our presenters: David Ross, Calista Carradine, Bianca Rae, David Aguilera & Daniel Vega from Maphia Management, Tarver Marsh & Valerie McClure from VM Management, Krista Allen, Christian Sesma, Jesika von Rabbit. And thank you to Bruce Fessier, Herb Lienau, Sean Wheeler and Josh Heinz for presenting special “Trailblazer Awards” to the band, Unsound, and, Zach &Erica Huskey, and the “Pioneer Award” to Mario Lalli. Thanks to our amazing photographers Chris Miller and Laura Hunt Little. Thanks to DJ JF Discord (Jeremy Ferguson) and Lola Rossi. Thanks to Robert Chance and Mae Jones for running the front check in, Curtis Hendricks and Sarah Hendricks for helping with the trophies, Kurt Schwanker, Lisa Lynn Morgan, Josh, Pablo and Nigel for doing security, Judith Salkin, Rebecca Pikus, Michelle Brewer, Michael Brewer, Marissa Willman and My Man…Phil Lacombe for being my awesome partner in everything I do. And a good time was had by all. Thanks so much to all those in attendance :):)

– Tracy Dietlin, Owner / Publisher of CV Weekly