Saturday Nov 16th Doors open at 8pm. 18 & over. $15 admission!

by Brian Michaelz

Surfing, skating, partying and loud music this was life growing up in Santa Cruz, California. The Expendables seemed right at home in this lifestyle of blending all of the above with Reggae, Punk Rock and 80’s style dueling guitar solos and since 1997 they haven’t looked back. Their infectious grooves have been tearing down venues and making floors shake.

The Expendables consist of longtime friends Guitar and Vocalist Geoff Weers, Drums and Vocals Adam Patterson, Lead Guitarist Raul Bianchi and Bassist Ryan DeMars. The Expendables have managed their time touring and supporting their albums. In 2012 The Expendables released their latest album a collection of acoustic versions of previous releases they called “Gone Soft”.

The guys from The Expendables are fresh off the massive Cabin by the Sea Tour, which kept the reggae, punk, rockers busy with over 40 shows across the States and Canada. Talk about busy, The Expendables are taking their California party genre to Costa Rica at the beginning of the year for the 2014 Jungle Jam. Not a bad deal for a group of guys playing music from Santa Cruz, California.

Not to mention, The Expendables and Silverback Management recently announced the return of the annual Winter Blackout Tour. The tour is sure to keep fans hopping with special guests Stick Figure and Seedless.

The Expendables spent the early years of their career building their fan base with independent albums No Time to Worry (2000), Open Container (2001), and Getting Filthy (2004) then 2007 brought a new ballgame when they signed with Stoopid Records and released The Expendables Self Titled (2007) which proved to be a fan favorite.

So what does the future hold for The Expendables? One thing is certain it will be full of loud music, loud venues, and loud fans. Over 75,000 plus albums sold independently, over 300,000 singles sold, Billboard Heat Seekers #4 for their album Prove It, Hit songs in Guitar Hero World Tour, all from the band from Santa Cruz, California. They are The Expendables. Are they Reggae? Are they Punk? Yes and a whole lot more; they are massive circle pits, and slowdance grooves. A show by The Expendables is a raging night not to be missed.

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Check out The Expendables this Saturday night at The Date Shed in Indio. Showtime is 8:00PM tickets are $15.00, ages 18 and over.