Support and Education for Local Music and Arts Coachella Valley, chapter 1, is proud to introduce SelmaGrows COD (College of the Desert), chapter 2. The college club President, Jonathan Ybarra is a United States Military veteran who goal is transfer to an Ivy League university. He has taken the SelmGrows COD club as an opportunity to connect with the Coachella Valley community and obtain letters of recommendation that will connect him with his long term education goals. You can connect with Jonathan Ybarra by emailing: His desire is to remind us all that, “You have to be the change you want to see in the world.” – Gandhi

SelmaGrows COD Mission: The main purpose of the SelmaGrows COD Club is to support the creation of careers that preserve cultural integrity by providing a localized showcase system of music and arts education opportunities, with the intent of offering volunteer hours, intern hours and letters of recommendation to SelmaGrows COD members.

The club has 170 registered student members and has collected 67 student interns to be connected with Coachella Valley community businesses that are involved in the growth and development of the Support and Education for Local Music and Arts organization and its respective programs. These internships currently include the following:

1. Film
2. Radio
3. Art
4. Performing Arts
5. Music Production
6. Photo
7. Culinary Arts
8. Outreach / off campus events
9. Murals
10. Early Childhood Education
11. Journalism


If you are a College of the Desert student interested in joining the SelmaGrows COD club or if you are a Coachella Valley community member interested in accessing and supporting these valuable student intern successes, you can contact the SelmaGrows COD club secretary, Amanda Dorta by emailing

To connect with Support and Education for Local Music and Arts Coachella Valley, chapter 1, you can email, visit or connect on facebook at Selma Grows.