“Big John” Miller didn’t realize when he volunteered to fill-in for the DJ one night at the old Stuart’s Steakhouse where his wife Sandy was a line dance instructor that it would lead to his next career.  After the in-house DJ had walked off the job minutes before the dancing was to start, the manager remembered what john had once told him, “I’d previously told the manager that I’d be happy to help out if they ever needed someone, as I’ve been a music hound all my life and had an extensive library on my laptop.” The call went out to John who stepped in and has been working as a Country DJ ever since.

Raised in Northern California, John moved to the desert in the early ‘80s and eventually ended up with an 11-acre ranch up in Anza. After meeting his wife Sandy in 2003, the couple settled in Palm Desert. “I always say I went from the country to the country club,” quips John. Once realizing how much he enjoyed getting paid for playing Country music and working with his wife Sandy, the two decided to form their own entertainment company. Since John was all cowboy in his hat, boots and jeans and Sandy loved dancing, they decide the perfect name for their company would actually be a song done by Country artist Tracy Bird; Cowboy and a Dancer.

John and Sandy have the distinction of being the only husband and wife team playing strictly country music accompanied by a full video library to complement their interactive experience. The DJ duo have learned how to get everyone involved, “Since Country dancing is “called” dancing, not freestyle, many times the folks in the audience don’t know what to do or they get intimidated if they see others on the floor who look like they know exactly what they’re doing. We bridge that gap and introduce them to a few dances that let them participate and really enjoy the event,” explains John.

A Cowboy and a Dancer do more than just entertain; they focus on helping the company or organization maximize the success of their event by assisting with marketing, social media, emceeing, and event coordination. With John’s extensive computer background, he is able to help with many technical aspects of music, video and lighting.


Currently you can catch A Cowboy and a Dancer at Stadium House Sports Bistro in Rancho Mirage every Friday night from 7 p.m. to closing. The event is called the Stompede at the Stadium House. It’s mostly Country music, with a little bit of club music tossed in later in the evening. The playlist ranges from traditional country to the newer, “hick-hop” artists who are tweaking the genre with their own brand of hip-hop infused country. You can expect some classic two-stepping couples and line dancers mixed in with a bit of open floor dancing. “We also actively encourage stage dancing and that’s becoming really popular, you never know who you’ll see jumping up there,” John says with a smile.

The Stadium house has 35 big screens and a Jumbo-tron that is Southern California’s largest indoor LED screen. Guests are encouraged to upload their pictures to Facebook, tag people and share the fun. Pictures and videos are then flashed up on the Jumbo-tron during the Stompede for guests to enjoy.  It’s a great time and it won’t break your bank with complimentary line dance instructions and no cover charge. By the way all ages are welcome and if you’re not into line dancing they now have pool tables and a jukebox in the back room. If you would like more information about A Cowboy and a Dancer or the Stompede at the Stadium house, you can send them an e-mail:  CowboyAndDancer@hotmail.com or call them: (760) 601-0708.


Written By: Craig Michaels

Musical Affair Entertainment

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