By Denise Ortuno

It’s all around sushi fun, with attentive service and excellent fish creations, at Sushi-On in Indio.

If you’re like me, you love sushi! I mean, can eat everyday kind of “love it” (sort of how I feel about Mexican food). As a result, I’m always eager to try out a new sushi spot. So when I kept hearing good things about Sushi-On, I had to give it a go. Not to mention that this place is so close to where I live, which is a bonus!

Sushi-On is led by Chef Bong Gu Hwang, with an emphasis on Izakaya style dining. Although it opened in 2017, it has that lived in feel, as if it has been established for much longer, which in my book provides a comfortable and inviting ambience. With a well situated sushi bar for seating, and dotted booths throughout the restaurant, Sushi-On gives their guests a pleasant landing to enjoy their fare.


On my visit, my boyfriend and I took a seat at their sushi bar. It’s my go to place to sit at a sushi restaurant, as it gives me a front row seat to the Chefs precision, which I always find fascinating. Preparing sushi is truly an art form. Their seating at the bar is of medium proportion, with about eight seats give or take, and has several televisions for all of you sports fans to watch, in case the phenomenal Chefs, or your company bore you (not). After we ordered our essential beverages, a large Sapporo and large Hot Sake, we went for one of our favorite sushi items, Uni. Now, I know there are some of you who cringe at the thought of eating it, but for those of you who don’t, you know how incredible it can be, and the Uni at Sushi-On did not disappoint. It was like a silk pillow, infused with the essence of the ocean…amazing!

The talented Chef Bella took care of us, answering any menu questions that we had, and delicately prepared our sushi requests. Besides the Uni, we also tried a variety of our other sushi faves, such as Tuna, Salmon and Yellowtail. Chef Bella gave us some off the menu creations to try, including off the chart Albacore sashimi, and a mixed Poke. We finished off our sushi adventure with what we consider sushi dessert, Unagi.

Sushi-On offers a wide array of rolls to try as well, such as the Shooting Star (avocado, spicy crab, cucumber and tempura shrimp inside- tuna, avocado, green onion and masago outside) and Baked Lobster (avocado, cucumber, crab inside-langoustine, masago and green onion with sweet sauce outside) plus a many, many more. They also have traditional Japanese dishes including Teriyaki and Bowl selections, as well as other options.

It was a pure delight dining at Sushi-On, with their attentive and friendly service, and of course their fantastic sushi. We will be back to see you very soon Chef Bella!

Sushi-On is located at 44-100 Jefferson St., Indio CA, 92201