By Janet McAfee

Have you ever wondered what your dog was thinking when he looks up at you with those big brown eyes? Have you ever sensed he was trying to tell you something, but not sure what it might be? If you adopted a rescue animal, are you curious about his past? Cherie Vergini, the Coachella Valley’s resident pet communicator and psychic, may have some answers for you.

Cherie Vergini is an engaging, charming woman with the unusual career of pet communicator. At an early age, Cherie was able to intuitively tune in to both people and animals. Her work with rescuing animals from high kill shelters made her realize that understanding their past was helpful to the healing of these abandoned and often abused creatures.

I recently had the opportunity to sit in during a session with Cherie V. and a local dog owner. Her Pomeranian pup, Tucker, exhibited excessive barking and lunging towards other dogs to the point of frenzy, particularly when he was on leash. Tucker was recently attacked and injured by a larger dog, and his negative reaction toward other canines intensified thereafter. Cherie quickly noted that while Tucker’s behavior appeared “aggressive”, it was actually fear based and the result of anxiety. It was fascinating to observe Cherie bridge the communication gap between human and animal. She relayed numerous messages between “pup and person”.

Cherie offered some practical solutions to Tucker’s human. “Take him to an off leash dog park to desensitize him being around the company of other dogs at a time where it is not very crowded with other pups. Give him some Rescue Remedy and try using a Thundershirt (a relatively new anti-anxiety garment available at pet stores) before he goes outside. A few drops of Lavender essential oils applied lightly to a dog’s foot pads and ears, also has a calming effect. Dogs pick up on our anxiety, and so it’s important for you to remain calm. Keep directing him forward when you pass another dog on a leash. While walking, provide him with a distraction to help him get beyond the anxiety trigger, which is the other dog. Find a friend with a dog and practice doing walk bys.”

One of the messages Cherie relayed from Tucker concerned the dog lunging problem. He wanted his person to realize, “You have to keep pushing me to do better!” The fluffy fellow also inquired about getting another haircut because the weather was so hot. His request for “rabbit” dog food brought chuckles from the humans, but the pup looked quite serious. He also wished to have a doggie door installed in their new home….sadly, he was told this was not possible as they were now renting.

Tucker’s human happily reports she is experiencing a more loving bond with him since the session. She noted that Cherie gave an incredibly accurate description of a dog that is no longer in Tucker’s life, adding how much the pup misses him. Cherie believes this is why Tucker is either negative or indifferent to the many foster dogs that have passed through his household. She suggested posting a photo of his treasured companion dog to ease his sadness over this loss.

Cherie has lots of good advice for pet owners. “Many people fail to look at the world through their animal’s perspective. Dogs in particular require visual and mental stimulation in a positive way to release their energy. When left home alone for 8 or 9 hours a day, may pets become bored experiencing the stillness and quiet of an empty home. Turn on soft music to comfort them. Just like humans want to be with other people, most dogs also long to be around their own kind. Doggie day care or outings to the local dog park may provide this companionship.”

Cherie offers workshops for pet owners who want to communicate with their animals on a deeper level. Cherie believes that all of us have the ability to communicate with our pets. She explains, “Most people want a deeper connection with their animals. It’s a matter of trusting your gut instinct. You may get a sense of what they are thinking from the way they look at you. You can learn to quiet your subconscious enough to give and receive messages from your pet. Many people just know instinctively what their animal wants. Don’t try to rationalize things, or you will lose the communication.”

In addition to dogs and cats, Cherie’s clients have included horses, donkeys, birds, lamas, ostriches, and even a warthog that was unwilling to mate. The solution for the warthog was to bring in a new female warthog! Many of her cases have involved finding a missing pet.

Cherie explains, “Giving your pet an opportunity to communicate some of the things they would like you to know can provide real insight into their personality and deepen your relationship to them.” You can meet up with Cherie at the Ambrosia Pet Deli in Palm Desert where she conducts monthly mini sessions. Sessions may be conducted in person with your pet or by telephone. More information is available on her website at Contact Cherie to schedule a session at (818) 577-5247. Cherie may have some amazing information that will increase your joy at sharing home and heart with Fido or Fluffy!

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