By Merita Ra Wheel-Zot M.A.S

On a hot scorching day, about 112 degrees in our all to knowing desert summer months; nothing can be more refreshing then taking a dive in a cool swimming pool, enjoying the laughter of friends and family, while drinking a cool refreshing CBD drink!  CBD drinks are a toast to something new in the cannabis derived drinking products.

Companies like CENTR not only help quench your thirst with 30 mg of CBD Isolate or hemp-derived; is twelve ounces of all natural ingredients, ten calories, no THC, no alcohol, and no caffeine. This is a great beverage to indulge with, after a hard days work, and no heavy side effects. A preferred drink that you can have during a weekend get together with family and friends that is alcohol free!  Yet, in the cannabis industry not only are the CBD soda-pops replacing other beverages of choice but now there are mild drinks with THC as well.

There are new ways to experience light forms of THC with TONIK™ Terps; Maui Wowie-this is a company that has created an array of cannabis strains in a refreshing 100 mg of THC twelve once drinks.  This drink has a balanced blend of terpenes which are naturally occurring compounds found in plants for an aromatic flavor, and it gives a more refreshing taste to those who prefer the taste of cannabis versus alcohol, These unique blends of cannabis can deliver a balanced amount of specific THC strain that can give the mind and body a relaxing, and state of calm effect. Furthermore, Pabst Blue Ribbon now has brewed a non-alcoholic beer that is cannabis derived.


Pabst Blue Ribbon or  PBR, a 178 year old company has taken strides in the competitive beverage market; to create a non-alcoholic beer infused with cannabis that is desirably sold in dispensaries around southern California. The non-alcoholic drink specifically created by Pabst blue Ribbon, has THC-infused lemon seltzer, 5 mgs of marijuana active ingredient, in a twelve once can and only twenty-five calories with four grams of sugar. This drink is perfect for the casual and experienced cannabis users. Yet, there are beverages infused with both THC and CBD strains such as the CERIA Brewing Company.

The CERIA Brewing Company has a variety of flavors of cannabis infused beverages sold in many Southern California dispensaries.  The Indiewave, infused cannabis beer is a tasty IPA or  India pale ale brewed with Caramel Malts, Cascade, Citra, and Amarillo hops, which the alcohol is gently removed from the hops.  Its major terpene are myrcene and humulene which inhibit a state of relaxation and its 10 mgs of THC and 10 mgs of CBD; it can help the body with inflammation due to arthritis pain and other inflammatory diseases.  This is recommended for the casual or experienced cannabis user.  However this drink is about ninety-nine calories, the THC is a distillate, and odorless from marijuana. The CERIA Brewing Company created this beverage for those who like a non-alcoholic beer taste that have the benefits and healing properties of cannabis.

In our future gatherings and celebrations we will be toasting our glasses with infused CBD and THC drinks that can be more appealing to a client who prefers a non-alcoholic drink!