By Janet McAfee

Dog agility classes have resumed on the grounds of Loving All Animals/Pet Rescue Center in Coachella now that cooler weather has arrived.  Dogs and their humans can have a unique experience working out together on the lovely, spacious agility field. Building upon the bond you already share, energizing agility classes provide a fantastic experience for you and Fido     

Jim Turcott, Instructor and dog trainer, explains how his classes create a closer relationship between dogs and their humans.  “Anyone can bring their dog to a dog park and watch their pet run around.  In agility, you become part of the action with your dog.  You walk fast or run alongside them while they navigate the obstacle course, and you accomplish things as a team.  Agility is a wonderful activity for shy dogs that are drawn out of their shell when they proudly reach new goals.”

Agility classes are also great for the high octane energetic dog that is stuck at home all day alone while you work.  When a dog expends all that pent up energy, he or she will have fewer behavior problems such as barking or digging out of boredom.


Agility classes are a great way for both you and Fido to get into shape.  Participants become more focused on their health as well as their pet’s health, mindful over weight control and healthy diets for them both.

Agility training with other dogs provides more self-control for Fido, and he works to focus more on you.  During busy walks through parks on down busy streets, your dog will transfer this increased concentration on you and not be so easily distracted.  

There is no size limit for the canine participants.  Jim’s 6-pound Papillon, Angel, is a frequent attendee.  No prior experience or training is required.  Pets and their human partners work at their own pace, and the friendly ambience makes for an enjoyable morning.  Jim emphasizes, “This is not competition agility, this is fun agility.”  Jim trained in agility in 2004 when he took classes from Rancho Mirage resident Linda Jolly, the national agility champion.  Jolly donated her equipment to the shelter when she retired.

How can you and your beloved dog join in the fun of agility classes?  Text Jim Turcott at (206) 380-7776. There is a $20 one time drop in fee or $100 for six sessions.  When someone signs up for a second six session set, the cost drops to $75, and the third set is only $50.   Payment can be in cash, or check made payable to the nonprofit organization that operates the shelter, Loving All Animals.  All fees are donated to this local charity.

Agility classes begin promptly Sunday morning at 8:00 am and conclude by 10:00 am, and participants are asked to arrive 15 minutes early to help set up the equipment.  Classes are held from October until June when the weather turns hot.

This promises to be a great way to start your day.  Your dog will love agility classes, and you will have fun too!