By Crystal Harrell

Making a name for yourself as a business owner is no easy feat, as it takes the right amount of determination and ingenuity to build a respectable reputation. Amber Jordan has done just that with her own photography business and the creation of the Boss Babes CV local meet-up.

Born in Riverside, Jordan moved to the Coachella Valley in 2005, because of economic and job opportunities that weren’t available in her hometown. She eventually attended a business school for Medical Assisting in Indio, although her true passion was in photography—a love she has possessed since high school.

In 2013, Jordan started her photography business not just as a hobby, but out of necessity since she was going through a breakup with her fiancé at the time and needed to supplement her income as a single mom for her three children. She officially named her business “Amber Linn Photography” and specializes in natural light, wedding, and portrait photography.  


“The best part of my job is knowing that I’ve gotten to successfully capture the most important moments forever for my clients. Weddings are my favorite because those days only happen once. You can’t do a ‘re-take’ and everyone is just glowing and so high on love. It’s the best feeling,” said Jordan.

With the satisfaction of preserving timeless memories for her clients, there are also some downsides to capturing candid moments.

“The most difficult part of my job is hearing people say they don’t like the pictures because they don’t like the way they look. It’s just awful, because they don’t see what I see. They only see their flaws and I see beauty or engagement with their children, or them laughing at what their husband said. People don’t realize they are beautiful in the way they laugh, in the way they look at their kids, or the ways they hug their partner,” explained Jordan.

After achieving a certain level in her career, Jordan felt like giving back to other self-made local businesses. That was when she started the Boss Babes CV local meet-up on August 16 of last year, recently celebrating their first birthday.

Boss Babes is a community of female business owners and entrepreneurs who want to grow their business via social media and create meaningful collaborations with others. This is the pillar of the Boss Babes community, and it is still in the process of growing with seven active chapters as of today.

“Boss Babes provides business owners a space and a platform to connect with each other at our meet-ups. In addition, we foster collaboration amongst the members which ultimately and naturally takes their business to the next level,” said Jordan. “My partner Alexandra Miklosova and I envision a huge future and expansion for Boss Babes not just locally, but also across the U.S.”

Although Jordan is best known for Amber Linn Photography and Boss Babes CV, she is also the founder of the “I Do Crew” So Cal/Palm Springs. This is a group for brides, grooms and event vendors with a focus on the Greater Palm Springs area.

“It enables all vendors and creatives to help with event planning, quotes and tips/tricks for our lucky couple tying the knot. I also co-own a Photo Booth Company with my husband. We call it “Wild+Free Booth” and we have a beautiful tiffany blue vintage camper we’ve converted into a photo booth, as well as rustic open air photo booths we offer for events,” shared Jordan.

With so many accomplishments and business ventures under her belt, Jordan still has time to unwind in her downtime. She loves going off-roading with her husband in Death Valley and also camping in Calico Ghost town, and discovering more trails in Idyllwild.

“My husband is such a rock for me and is always encouraging me to go for it, and my friends I have made really reiterate that I am doing big things. That feels good because I just want to leave this life knowing I tried to help and encourage people to do the best they can out of love and a goodness that comes from the heart,” stated Jordan.

In regard to women who are looking to start their own business, Jordan encourages them to question everything, have faith in themselves, and always take chances to live without regret.

“You always have control in creating exactly what you want your life to be… It’s a terrible feeling just living your life out of necessity. Live your life like it’s an adventure and a gift,” advised Jordan.

Visit and Boss Babes Coachella Valley on Facebook to see Jordan’s work and learn more about growing local businesses.