By Denise Ortuno

Fresh baked breads, cookies, brownies, sandwiches and more abound at La Quinta’s Aspen Mills.

There’s nothing that quite says the holidays like baking, and Aspen Mills has a corner on it in the Coachella Valley. They not only have their location in La Quinta, (conveniently situated by Trader Joes) but also have the long standing spot in Palm Springs which has been there for over 20 years, as well as two pop ups in Rancho Mirage.

I recall going to their Palm Springs location long ago, and having one of their sandwiches. It was amazing, and I thought that Aspen Mills was actually a well-tuned franchise. After recently speaking with Jimmy Stewart, owner Marty Webster’s son-in-law, he explained to me that I was right.


The original owner did have it planned out as a franchise. But after some trial and error with subsequent locations, the Palm Springs location remained as the strong hold, and was purchased later by Webster.

Webster’s care of Aspen Mills has grown from its spot in Palm Springs to a pop up in the Rancho Mirage Library, Clarks Nutrition also in Rancho Mirage and their newest location in La Quinta, which will be celebrating their one year anniversary in January. “We are really excited to be here in La Quinta, we love it out here,” says Stewart.

The main element that makes Aspen Mills so successful is their dedication to fresh and wholesome ingredients, and may I say, down to earth, ultra-friendly service.

Their bread is baked daily, with 30 different varieties, including specialties breads such as their Banana Nut which is very popular. Other breads include, Sour Dough, Squaw, Cinnamon Swirl, Pumpkin Raisin, Spinach Onion Parmesan, New York Rye, Jalapeno Cheddar, and many more. Bread lovers can check out their weekly Specialty Breads on their website. Their Dinner Rolls are also very popular for the holiday season, which customers can special order as well as purchasing them off the shelf.

Stewart explained to me that it is their bread that sets their sandwiches apart from anywhere else, “We use basic simple ingredients without chemicals or preservative (no eggs, dairy, oils, processed sugar) and all of our sweet breads are sweetened with 100% Amber Honey.”

The sandwiches at Aspen Mills can give any deli in town a run for their slicer. Creations such as the Aspen (oven roasted turkey breast, cucumbers, spun lettuce, mayo, horseradish, and guacamole on Cranberry Spice bread), Tuscany (Prosciutto, Capacolla, Honey-glazed Ham, provolone, fresh basil, fresh cilantro, spun lettuce, and Italian dressing), or the “Cousin Vinney” (Roast Beef, roasted sweet bell peppers, fresh basil, tomatoes, red onions, spun lettuce, and Balsamic olive oil vinaigrette on an Italian roll), among other selections.  

For the holidays, Aspen Mills can produce fantastic sandwich party platters, bake up specialty pies, and create cozy gift basket assortments with muffins (a dozen different types), cookies and sweetbreads.

With four locations in the Coachella Valley, Aspen Mills can exact all of your bakery needs, with the freshest of ingredients and an abundant amount of baked breads, cookies, brownies, sandwich’s and more. Happy Holidays!

Aspen Mills La Quinta is located in 46-520 Washington Street, Unit 1, 760-564-5266

For other locations visit