By Tracy Dietlin

Hot off of the success of the Halloween Bash, BB Ingle will be throwing the 30th Annual New Year’s Eve Masquerade Party on December 31. In honor of this landmark occasion of 30 years of hosting parties, BB has moved the event to the Spectacular Palm Springs Convention Center. BB is looking forward to hosting the Annual event in Palm Springs from now on making it a precursor to the popular Palm Springs Film Festival that begins the first week of January.

This year there will be four ballrooms of entertainment which will include the All-Star Party Band along with 10 DJ’s. The party will start at 9:00pm and go until 4:00am. You can purchase tickets in advance for 20.00 at or pay 25.00 at the door. For more details call 760-880-1059.

BB must have been born to bring people together, starting his career as a leader in social gatherings back in the 80’s when he and a few others founded BB Obrien’s Sports Bar. The night spot was a constant in desert nightlife, and after its closure, Ingle began throwing special holiday/event parties earning him the Master of Events and the Godfather of Parties title that he has today.

I asked BB what motivates him to continue doing this after 30 years. “Well…I’ve had a passion for gathering people together in celebration since I was a young boy,” stated Ingle in his smooth, laid-back Alabama twang, which is where he originally hails from. “After 30 years of parties we have all ages from 21 to 75, many of our original party goers’ children now attend. We make sure to play all types of music in different rooms to keep everyone happy and having a good time. But what makes me feel like all the hard work is worth it is when someone comes up to me and says ‘BB thank you so much. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have met my soul mate. We met at your party and now we’re married and have kids’. That’s very rewarding and it’s happened close to a hundred times over the years.”
BB also shared that 20 years ago his brother came out from Alabama and attended one of his parties where he too met his future wife. He took her back to Alabama and they now have 3 grown children. He says it’s made him seriously consider going into the wedding planning business.

While BB tries to throw a party once a month he’s thinking about re-inventing himself a bit in 2014. He has several new endeavors including opening a new dance club. “So many people keep asking me when I’m going to open another club so I think 2014 might be the time to do it,” shared BB, excited to be taking on another new project. “We are also going to be hosting some smaller, private, invitation only parties at smaller venues.”

And of course BB is in high demand as a party promoter for other corporation’s big events. BB is part of an elite group called the Challengers, which consists of 35 local business leaders who will act as Ambassadors to promote the upcoming Humana Challenge, which takes place January 15-19 of 2014. Then he will also host the Annual Classy Party in the evening of January 18, at a location to be announced. BB has also recently agreed to help promote JM Couture, a new Women’s Luxury Clothing Brand coming in March to El Paseo in Palm Desert.

For all of the loyal party goers that attend BB’s events it doesn’t really matter where it is or what it’s for, they will be there. If you haven’t had the experience of attending one of these memorable bashes then maybe you should start with his New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball. While masks are optional it’s always more fun to wear one and BB will be giving a prize for Best Female Mask and Best Male Mask. A good time will be had by all. See you there.