By Coach Nadia Popova

If you have been following healthy nutrition all year round or started a new meal plan lately, the last thing you want to do is lose all your progress due to overindulgence during the holiday season. I am not saying you shouldn’t treat yourself and your family to something really tasty and special on Christmas and New Year’s Eve at all. But I believe you can make some amazing choices that will help you stay fit and healthy while feasting with your loved ones.

  1. Start with the veggie & nuts charcuterie board: The best way to start your New Year’s celebration is with a platter with fresh vegetables and nuts paired with a light and flavorful dip like hummus or tzatziki for a satisfying crunch without the guilt. You can throw in some cherry tomatoes, baby carrots or carrot sticks, cucumber slices, and bell pepper strips. But be careful with the nuts as they are pretty rich in calories.
  2. Keep sticking to lean protein: Since you are already following healthy nutrition, I assume most of the time you already choose lean protein over fatty meat. Why ditch this healthy habit during the holiday season when lean meat can be both tasty and healthy? And the best thing about protein is that it also helps control your appetite, preventing overindulgence in less healthy options. You can opt for grilled chicken skewers, shrimp cocktails, or lean turkey sliders.
  3. Accompany your dessert with fruits: You may have a traditional dessert such as ice cream, pie, cake, and so on but having fresh fruit galore on the table can help make healthier choices when craving for sweets. Instead of reaching for another scoop of ice cream or a piece of pie or cake, you can always have a handful of berries, a slice of pineapple, or an apple guilt-free.
  4. Don’t forget about hydration: Don’t forget the importance of staying hydrated, especially during celebrations. It’s smart to avoid sugary drinks and limit alcoholic drinks and instead opt for sparkling water with a splash of citrus or a refreshing infused water with mint and berries.
  5. Follow portion control: The festive table is always full of a variety of delicious foods that we all want to try out. The best way to do so safely is to keep in mind portion control and opt for a smaller plate. A smaller plate tricks your mind into feeling satisfied with less food. By savoring each bite and eating slowly, you’ll be more in tune with your body’s signals of fullness.

We are strong believers that by making mindful food decisions, you can navigate the festivities without the fear of unwanted weight gain. The team of “Send Me a Trainer” wishes you to celebrate the winter holidays with joy, good company, and a spread of delicious yet health-conscious choices!

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