By Gilbert Ward Kane

Big Pig is a duo from LA and the desert. They are louder and fuller than most four piece bands, let alone trios. These young dudes come at you harder than any duo I’ve ever heard. Have you heard of Big Business? They’re bigger and louder. Have you heard of Flat Duo Jets?  Yes, I mean the band that inspired Jack White. Well, these guys are more independent than them. They essentially have everything you should want from a duo, only better.

Maybe a lot of the desert isn’t familiar with who Big Pig is, but we should be. Their roots are deep in the desert. The band features Benny Macias and Dino Von Lalli. Dino’s last name may strike a chord with some of you die hard desert music fans. His dad is the founder of the infamous Rhythm & Brews in Indio, and also a founding member of Fatso Jetson and Yawning Man. Dino is also a touring member of Fatso Jetson.

Big Pig released their debut album, Grande Puerco, last year. It was an amazing and loud release which was praised by many critics, and one of my favorite albums of last year. You definitely need to take some time and listen to this release. Also, you will be able to catch them performing live in the near future.


I sat down with them to discuss their origins, future recording and touring plans, and inspirations.

Coachella Valley Weekly: Has music always been a part of your life?

 Dino Von Lalli:  “Yes, my grandparents were opera singers and my father and cousin are musicians. There was always noise happening in the house.”

Benny Macias: “Music has always been part of my life since I was little, my pops always showing me his LPs and exposing me to live music.”

CVW: When did you start performing music, and what was/is your instrument of choice?

DVL:  “I started playing music seriously when I was 12 years old. My first and main instrument was the electric guitar. My first real live show was at “The Buccaneer” in Sierra Madre. I played 2 songs with Fatso Jetson (my dad and cousin’s band).”

BM: “I started to perform music when I was in middle school. I was in the school orchestra and in a small band at the time.”

CVW:  How long have you two known each other and how did you meet?

DVL: “I’ve known Benny for about 7 years. His pops delivered food to my family’s restaurant every week and his dad and my mom decided to set up a day for me and Benny to meet up and jam. We’ve been in a band ever since.”

BM: “Yeah, it’s been about  7 years now. We met through our fathers. Dino’s dad owned a restaurant and my dad is a commercial truck driver whose company would deliver their product. And they started talking about music and eventually had us jam together.”

CVW: Who are your influences?

DVL: “I’m strongly influenced by my dad’s eclectic musical groups. Melvins, Black Sabbath, Devo, ZZ Top, Queens of the Stone Age, Big Business, Pelican, Captain Beefheart.”

BM: “My biggest musical influences are Max Roach, Buddy Rich, Vince Guarldi and Neil Peart.”

CVW: Was the plan always to be a duo?

DVL: “It wasn’t always the plan but it’s what we did to continue to play together and it’s definitely proven to be a challenge.”

BM:  “Yes always.”

CVW: Your debut album, Grande Puerco, was very well received. Have you started writing a follow up yet?

DVL: “I couldn’t be more proud of that record. We are continuing to write tunes, hopefully we’ll have some new stuff by the end of 2018!”

BM: “Yes we have a few songs already written for the next. We are super excited.”

CVW: Are there certain bands you love to play with?

DVL: “I love doing double duty with Fatso [Jetson]. I really think the two bands go together perfectly.”

BM: “There are too many bands, but to name a few, The Kidneys, Fatso Jetson, The Crudes, Knkles, Rumblepak…. too many to name honestly. Haha.”

CVW:  Anybody you feel is a perfect match to tour with?

DVL:  “I’d love to do some shows with the Melvins or Big Business or Sleep, but I have a feeling that those dreams won’t be coming true for a while haha.”

CVW: Any plans on touring in the near future?

DVL: “We are trying really hard to hit the road soon. But nothing is officially planned as of right now.”

BM: “Yes we are planning a tour. Hopefully it will happen soon. ”

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