By Morgan james

Unique vocal stylings and catchy, in-your-face lyrics have made Luis Hernandez aka “Wrekless” a fan favorite at the CV Open Mic Competition at The Block Sports Bar & Grill as well as other popular Coachella Valley venues over the last couple of months, including The Village Pub in Palm Springs and Sol Sports Restaurant in Coachella. A seemingly natural performer while on stage, Wrekless surprisingly has only just begun performing his music live. With his positive energy and quick lyrical wit, this rapper is holding his own among more experienced performers, but also keeps a humble and supportive perspective to all he meets. I spoke with Wrekless about his music, influences, and where he is performing next!

MJ: Tell me how you got your start in music?

WL: “I started writing when I was in high school. It wasn’t full songs at the time though, it was more like poems that I would write. Eventually I turned to writing actual songs.”


MJ: What inspires you to write and what are your songs about? Can you explain your lyrical and rhythmic style?

WL: “My inspiration comes from everyday life situations that I have personally gone through, or somebody close to me has gone through. I consider my music raw and uncut with some love sprinkled on it. I try to write a little bit about everything.”

MJ: What other artists have influenced you?

WL: “I like a variety of artists such as Sam Cook, Bob Marley, Usher, Tupac, Biggie, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre… I can go on and on, plus I can’t forget Mary Jane!”

MJ: Since you are new to performing, tell me about your recent live shows?

WL: “We have been recently performing here locally in the valley at Sol Sports Restaurant in Coachella as well as the Village Pub in Palm Springs, plus I’ve been doing Open Mic at The Block every Wednesday for the last eight weeks.”

MJ: Why now? What makes you feel that you are ready to share your music?

WL: “I feel like I’m ready now. My mind is so much clearer. I quit drinking alcohol, which I believe was holding me back from achieving anything.”

MJ: Tell me about your team who creates music with you and supports you?

WL: “My team is a rap group called LowBudget. It’s created by Loc, H, Wrekless, Monch, Coke, Verzo Loco and Rip Youngster. My stage name is Wrekless.”

MJ: Do you create your own beats? If not, who does? How would you describe the groove of your songs?

WL: “I do not create my own beats. Most beats I get off of the internet and some my boy Loc makes. Our groove is a mix of gangsta rap with RnB and Hip Hop.”

MJ: What are your plans for recording? Where can listeners find your music?

WL: “I plan to keep recording with my good friend Loc until we both come up and get up out of here (the desert). We don’t have an album out yet but we do have music on our YouTube channel “Lowbudget Music”.

MJ: Do you have any planned performances where fans can see you live?

WL: “Our future performances will be every Wednesday at the block for the CV Open Mic Competition and then also for the 420 Sessions coming up on April 20th 2017.”

MJ: Anything else you would like to mention to our readers?

WL: “Thanks to everybody who has shown love and support to Lowbudget. We really appreciate it. Thank you and we are gonna keep bringing you that heat so subscribe Lowbudget Music on YouTube.”

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