Born and raised in Palm Springs, Blake Williams says his friends have inspired many of his accomplishments. While his friends have been inspirational, it was actually a relative who first peaked his interest in music, “My interest started when I was seven and first heard my uncle’s sound system in his basement, the bass had me hooked,” recalls Blake. After his encounter with 18 inch subwoofers (speakers which are dedicated to the reproduction of low-pitched audio frequencies known as bass) Blake knew music was something that he was passionate about.

By middle school, Blake had become consumed with his Napster account and spent every spare moment searching for all types of music to download. With a dial-up modem, burning CDs for his DJ music library was a very slow and tedious job. At the age of 15, Blake acquired two portable CD players and with the help of his cousin Jon Delaire, he began DJing School events, weddings and birthday parties. During his 4 years at Palm Springs High School, Blake’s love of music would lead to him playing bass guitar in a few local rock bands.

Once graduated from high school, Blake would continue to DJ as more of a hobby using the name “DJ PointBlake”.  Constantly collaborating with his many talented musician friends, Blake would always have several projects he was working on producing audio and video recordings. In 2007, Blake’s passion for music finally came to a point where he wanted to take his talents to a new level and enrolled in LA Recording School.

After graduating from recording school, Blake would eventually make a connection with Producer Paul Gilman through a high school friend who lived a few streets over from him. Paul Gilman was no stranger to working with national acts and had recorded songs for groups such as The Mamas & the Papas, Barry Manilow, and The Temptations, Just to name a few. Blake was anxious to share some of the new digital technology he had learned and combine it with Gilman’s decades of recording experience to form their new company: Gilman Sound.


Gilman and Blake have been successful with upgrading existing sound systems in big venues such as Ranger Stadium in Texas, which is their flagship stadium. Gilman Sound uses a patent process invented by Blake, which uses algorithms and microphones that are strategically placed in various zones. This process can turn an average sounding stadium into a big concert hall utilizing new digital technology and without having to put in a whole new sound system. In addition to saving money by modifying their old system, the venues are also capable of putting on concerts inside the stadium at a fraction of the production cost prior to the refurbished sound systems. Blake Williams and Gilman Sound are in the process of talking with other stadiums and concert venues.

As for the future, Blake said, “the sky’s the limit!” He is currently working on setting up a production company handling pa, backline and party rentals for various gigs. Blake also continues to produce audio and video recordings for artist(s) and bands. His latest project was producing a music video for the local rock band “Drop the World” which was submitted to the Tachevah festival committee. You can view the demo by searching: “Drop the World – Cherry Poppins” on You Tube.

If you would like to contact Blake Williams you can e-mail him at:


Written by: Craig Michaels

Musical Affair Entertainment

(760) 619-3276



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