By: Bronwyn Ison

We were born to laugh!  As infants we commenced smiling within months of birth.  Even if you did not grow up around laughter, you have witnessed laughter all your life.  Laughter can be contagious and powerful.  How often do you laugh?  Do you laugh daily, once in awhile, or every so often?  Perhaps you do not laugh enough. You may have heard the saying, “laughter is the best medicine.” I would have to concur.  If I do not laugh at least once a day I would venture to say, my day was deficient.



We have all worked with someone or had a friend whom we wished would crack a smile or laugh more.  The benefits of laughter are plentiful.  Laughter when shared with others increases happiness and intimacy.  Humor and laughter has been known to strengthen the immune system, boost energy levels, alleviate stress and can diminish pain.  The great news… It is FREE, easy, and simple.  Why not laugh all the time?


Is it possible you do not find humor in your everyday living?  Create it!  Humor will lighten your burdens, connect you with others, allow you to remain alert.  We all know stress is a silent killer.  Stress less and laugh more.  How can you make laughter part of your daily regimen?  Watch a comedy.  Share a funny story or joke.   Get a joke book. Host an evening of fun at your home.   Play with your children or with your pet.   Make time for a fun activity.  Do something really silly.


Here are few other suggestions on how to bring more humor into your life.  Be spontaneous and deviate from your daily routine.  You never know what lies ahead.  Be less defensive.  Reduce your guard.  Let go of judgments, criticism and doubts.  Eliminate your inhibitions.  Holding back can harbor negativity.  Throw your head back and laugh.  Laughing may express your true feelings about something.


When we smile it is the beginning of laughter.  Smiling more and frowning less will stimulate positive feelings. Surround yourself with positive people who are funny, witty and who encourage laughter.  Be thankful and count your blessings.  Reminisce about happier times or what has made you laugh in the past.  Remember you can be funny too.  Engage others with your personality.  Lighten up a bit and laugh at yourself.  It may enable you to keep your life in perspective.


Be playful, joyful, create laughter, be relaxed, and find balance.  A dose of laughter may be just what the doctor has ordered.  Go ahead and just LAUGH!


Bronwyn Ison is the Owner/Yoga Instructor at Evolve Yoga in La Quinta.  Please visit: and learn how yoga can change your life. (760)564-YOGA 9642