The Unforgettables Foundation, a unique & essential 501(c)(3) charity in SoCal (and other regions across the US and Canada) is seeing the first wave of cases where COVID caused lay-off’s & cut hours are complicating the already huge crisis & calamity on grief stricken families of trying to pay for a child’s funeral.

Founder CEO Tim Evans, M.Div., CFEE reports this morning that multiples cases have now been served where a couple who would have been able to afford a dignified funeral for their child previous to the pandemic, now are, through loss of work, lay-off or reduced hours, unable to come up with all of the cash needed. Just yesterday, the office staff of TUF sent out a check to a local family in distress. Cities effected where this award winning mission of mercy has assisted a COVID 19 related recipient family are Cathedral City, Redlands and Colton, California. These are areas in both Riverside and San Bernardino Counties – 3 rd and 1st largest counties in the lower 48 by geographic area and together comprise the Inland Empire which is near 5 million residents and is more populous than over 1/2 of the full states in America.

“To be honest, we have not seen an increase in the child death rate, but rather a growing number of families which could have personally covered the cost of their beloved child’s funeral or cremation services last year- but who now due to the economic crisis and consequences of COVID are much more cash strapped. We are honored and happy to help these parents and loved ones left behind to make sure an honorable & timely service happens”, says Evans who was the founding chaplain for children at the local children’s hospital for almost 15 yrs. “We exist because generous and caring people in our community trust us and give to our mission of mercy”.

Donations and more information can be received at or at the non-profit’s Facebook page under The Unforgettables Foundation. Calls will be accepted at 909.335.1600 or