By Morgan James

From a simple violin accent player to a visionary musical movement founder, Bri Cherry hopes to be a spark that incites worldwide personal growth. Her new project, BRI CHERRY & The Boys, has not yet officially kicked off, but looks promising in fulfilling Bri’s goals of innovative inspiration. The band’s music is rooted in Bri’s powerfully vivid violin, driven with soulful bass and impactful drums, and lightly embellished with keyboard and occasional subtle vocals. As Bri blossoms through her own personal enlightened journey, this uplifting young woman hopes to guide listeners to invent their own personal best and establish a collective spirit of limitless bounds. I spoke with Bri about her progress and goals as the band surges ahead to its own prolific infinity.

MJ: Tell me about your new musical project BRI CHERRY & The Boys and the inspiration behind it?

BC: “BRI CHERRY & The Boys has actually been an idea slowly formulating over the years and became an inspiration from the people I surrounded myself with. It’s music from the soul. The overall vision is to inspire, always challenging us and those around us to become better versions of ourselves in any and every aspect of our lives. We hope to challenge our limitless ability to be creative and imaginative. The music itself is a fusion of multiple influences, mainly Dub Step, classical, gypsy, pop, then topped with a twist of Tim Burton. It has a mystical feel with beautiful underlying messages.”

MJ: In the past you have played supporting or small featured roles in bands. This project, in contrast, is all about your own musical spirit. What are your feelings about exposing this much of yourself vs in the past?

BC: “Having my own band has always been an unfollowed dream due to my own insecurities of simply being only a pretty chick with a violin. I was always following, never leading, and accepted my ideas being shot down. I only recently realized that if I just close my eyes, stay open minded and allow music to take me on an adventure, “impossible is nothing.” This is a quote I keep very close to me that was introduced by an Adidas ad some time ago. I’m constantly learning what to implement in my life, how to give 100% to all that I do. The people who have jumped into this journey with me are all so willing and excited. The right group just keeps falling into place and growing! Louis Alexander (Bass Player and Digital Audio Master) has been calling it the passion project. Erik Livingman on Drums has been pushing me, and has been supportive 110% every step of the way. Danny Gutierrez on keys is constantly striving to learn more every day. There are even more people involved and time will reveal their great contributions to our cause.”

MJ: What are your goals for the band and this movement you are hoping to create?

BC: “Inspiration and Growth are a huge part of what drives us as a band. As far as goals for the growth of the band in and of itself across the world, we are thinking big and we won’t get stuck. We will attend college campuses to raising awareness for the needy, getting sponsored by those who believe in the bigger purpose than themselves. We will get into festivals worldwide, dropping in on magazines, media, playing at concert halls, stadiums, clubs and other major venues, shining a light on social issues. We must learn to break through the glass ceiling into a limitless sky.”

MJ: You shared that you are nearing a launching point. Where are you exactly in the process? Writing? Recording? Touring? Promotion?

BC: “Well, we technically are always writing. Currently we are just finalizing arrangements, taking care of some pre-production steps like making videos, having photo shoots and enjoying every bit of that. As for promotion, a lot is still in the preparation stages. We should have our official logo from the graphic designer by the end of next week, papers are being signed with sponsors, website is in the final stages of development and uniforms are done. We are dropping in on open mic nights randomly like Symara Stone’s Music Mondays at the Scorpion room in Palm Springs, The Road House Bar & Grill on Sundays also in Palm Springs and there will be more revealed as our first official opener comes along. The hype alone has people constantly asking me when and where, almost like an underground scene. It’s great and we are so incredibly grateful!”

MJ: Where can readers hear your music? Where can they next see you live?

The music is still in pre-production, a demo will certainly be available by the end of the year, however shooting for mid September. As far as our next appearance find us on Facebook and keep up with the action. My personal artist page has been pretty active for a while and we just started the band page yesterday which we are excited about getting going.” Here are the links:

Artist page:

Band page:

MJ: Anything else that you would like to include?

BC: “Remember the sky is not the limit, it’s the process of figuring out how to make it even larger. The future can be bigger than the past and believe that even you can influence that future. Feel free to contact me regarding music, sponsors, merchandise production, photography, graphic design etc. We have room on the rest of the team to further inspire the world. Thank you Ms. Morgan James and the rest of the crew with CV Weekly!! I believe we will be crossing paths now more than ever.”

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