By Flint Wheeler

Vegas Insider released its end-of-the-season odds for each team winning the Super Bowl, and the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks are tied (5/2) for top honors. However, I can’t bring myself to see that match up. Seattle is primed and their timing couldn’t be better. But the all-important ‘Chip’ on their shoulder last year was wiped away this season with the locker-room drama and over paid contractual obligations made after last year’s Super Bowl victory. They come in being “expected” to win. That’s a far cry from last years under dog labeled Seahawks squad.

Along with a first round bye, both the Seahawks and Patriots have home field advantage throughout the postseason which plays into their favored odds. The teams are a combined 14-2 at home this season. One team that may not matter to is the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys (8/1) beat the top-seeded Seahawks in Seattle in Week 6, and are a perfect 8-0 on the road.

The Arizona Cardinals began the season with 65/1 odds and are trying to be the first NFL team to host a Super Bowl in their own stadium. Despite an over achieving 11-5 record, the Cardinals’ woes at quarterback have Vegas doubting Arizona (75/1). They face the seven-win Carolina Panthers in the first round who are slated with better Super Bowl chances.


Below is the complete list of updated odds, as well as the NFL’s Wild Card Weekend playoff schedule provided by

Odds to win Super Bowl XLIX
New England Patriots 5/2
Seattle Seahawks 5/2
Green Bay Packers 11/2
Denver Broncos 6/1
Dallas Cowboys 8/1
Pittsburgh Steelers 12/1
Indianapolis Colts 30/1
Baltimore Ravens 40/1
Carolina Panthers 40/1
Cincinnati Bengals 40/1
Detroit Lions 50/1
Arizona Cardinals 75/1

NFL Wild Card Weekend
Saturday, Jan. 3
NFC: 4:35 PM (ET) (5) Arizona at (4) Carolina (ESPN)

AFC: 8:15 PM (ET) (6) Baltimore at (3) Pittsburgh (NBC)

Sunday, Jan. 4
AFC: 1:05 PM (ET) (5) Cincinnati at (4) Indianapolis (CBS)

NFC: 4:40 PM (ET) (6) Detroit at (3) Dallas (FOX)

AFC: (1) New England Patriots and (2) Denver Broncos

NFC: (1) Seattle Seahawks and (2) Green Bay Packers

Note: The division champion with the best record in each conference will host the lowest seeded Wild Card survivor in round 2. Once teams are seeded for the playoffs, positions do not change.

I love the Patriots going deep. They made some key acquisitions on defense in the off-season, Tom Brady is still Tom Brady and Bellicheck is one of the best in the business. I do not think Peyton Manning is playing on all cylinders and let’s face it, 2 neck surgeries, and nothing but ice cold weather ahead, he is NOT the same Peyton in 40 degree temperature. This year’s sleeper; be careful of the ravens. That franchise has toughness, savvy, experience and in the post-season Flacco has a tendency to wake up. However, for the fans and with the NFL oddly always giving up the best product, look for Aaron Rodgers and the Pack to take on “Americas Team, the Dallas Cowboys in what’s sure to be one of the all-time great Super Bowl match ups.

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