Yes, you can.  The recent surge of Keto is now intersecting with science in a way that puts data behind it and proves the case that food is medicine. Here are just a few of some of the physical benefits of nutritional ketosis—most of them converging around internal balance, weight loss and improved health:

  • Body composition
  • Not hungry
  • Improved mood
  • Reduced insulin and lowering insulin resistance
  • Resolved or lowered inflammation
  • Benefits mood disorders and mental health
  • Cognitive improvement and brain fog
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Lowers blood pressure

Let’s break down even more what nutritional ketosis can do for your health:



Keto can increase levels of human growth hormones, supporting your muscle mass and metabolic state. A customized keto diet will reduce body fat and help you maintain muscle mass. And, because you aren’t hungry, and you are burning ketones for fuel (not glucose) you lose weight and inches.


Keto diets do not require limiting calories, but studies have shown that eating a keto diet reduces appetite and helps promote weight loss. Keto increases your brain’s sensitivity to leptin. Leptin sends signals to your brain that your body has plenty of stored fat and can burn more calories and eat less food.


Keto can help stabilize a variety of mood disorders. Essentially, Keto helps your brain work better, which can help your overall mental health and is a mood stabilize.


Multiple studies have shown that Keto improves blood sugar control and lowers insulin.  When struggling with blood sugar levels, including prediabetes or Type 2 diabetics, Keto lowers glucose and these common diseases can be reversed and diminished.


Keto diets naturally remove many highly inflammatory foods.  By eating clean foods Keto means your diet has anti-inflammatory foods, including berries, green leafy vegetables, salmon, nuts, olives, and healthy fats.


Burning ketones for fuel makes your brain work better and has demonstrated promise as an intervention for brain fog, depression, and other mood disorders.


Increase cognitive function with Keto. The keto diet improves the body’s ability to produce and utilize antioxidants, which help counteract the effects of free radicals in the body. By limiting oxidative stress, our brains can function fully, without memory and cognition problems or brain fog.


What about stress and anxiety?  The keto diet helps prevent the negative effects of stress on our bodies, evens out our moods without the ups and downs of carbs/sugar, reduces fat storage, particularly in our belly area!


Regarding blood pressure, keto seems to decrease it more than any other diet that has been studied. A low-carbohydrate diet incorporating healthy fats from olive oil, butter, coconut oil, etc. along with vegetables and protein has been shown to be the best diet for lowering blood pressure.

Do You think Keto is Right for You?

With Keto it’s a win-win.  You lose weight AND you get healthy.  Let’s celebrate my client Kathi who said, “I broke a frustrating four-month Keto stall once I started working with Michelle.  I am losing weight and inches again.  I have never been close to my goal weight, until now.  The best thumbs up came at my visit with my physician.  She stated that I’ve lost weight over the holidays and remarked “that’s unheard of!”  I told her it’s intentional.  She smiled and gave me thumbs up!”

It’s encouraging to think that you can heal yourself with diet.  The more Keto is studied it’s learned that a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet is optimizing our bodies that have gotten out of whack from years of high-carbohydrates and low-fats.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women in over 25 states and 4 countries to lose over 7,500 pounds.  However, I’m always still amazed and excited every time I hear from a client who confirms the significant difference Keto has made in their life for health and weight loss.  According to my client Karen she said, “Working with Michelle has been a game changer.  I’ve found many substitutes for the foods I used to enjoy that were full of carbs.  I rarely feel like I am depriving myself. Besides losing 20 pounds in under 3 months, my brain fog is greatly reduced, I no longer require medication for high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, or high cholesterol. The future looks bright! “

Many people use keto diets to burn fat and lose weight, but as this article demonstrates…. there are many other health benefits. It’s important to do Keto correctly for your body type and health profile.  If you’ve struggled with losing weight and want to improve your health, please get in touch with me for a free 30-minute coaching session-

About Michelle Keto:

Michelle Borthwick, known more widely as Michelle Keto, is the foremost expert in living the Keto lifestyle and the go-to coach for Keto women. She loves the CA lifestyle and spends time between San Diego and Palm Springs, CA. Her 1:1 coaching, and group programs have helped hundreds of women from 25 states and 4 countries lose over 7,500 pounds while eating foods they love. This foodie’s motto, and business name, is “Keto is Easy” and she’s one of the only Keto leaders who promotes full customization for long term success.  For a complimentary 30-minute coaching call please schedule at: