May is a busy month. First, we honor our mothers, then, we celebrate nurses, and teachers. Since this CV Weekly issue is about the Top 10 most influential men I would like to address the top ten health issues in men especially since May is brain, bladder and skin cancer awareness month. Let’s review the statistics.

In 2018 more than 81,000 will be diagnosed with bladder cancer and 11,000 will die. Bladder Cancer is the 4th deadly cancer in men and the 11th deadly cancer in women. Each year 23,000 people will be diagnosed with brain cancer. More astounding is three million people will be diagnosed with skin cancer every year. Skin cancer is a lifestyle disease. It is preventable.

The belief that damage is already done so why take preventive measures in our 60’s or older is a myth. Taking preventative measures to cover our face and head, using sun screen, wearing long sleeves, reducing smoking and alcohol intake all contribute to minimizing our risk of fatal diseases at any age. Being a cancer survivor means being aware of abnormal bodies changes and reporting them to your physician. Every year more men die of lung cancer. Two thirds of melanoma (skin cancer) deaths are men. Make cancer a chronic disease instead of a lethal one.


African-American men have 100,000 more cardiac deaths than Caucasian men, and the highest rate of HIV among all men. Men account for ninety-two per cent of the 5,524 total occupational injuries last year. Men tend to dismiss symptoms of disease as a sign of weakness. This is inculcated into their consciousness from a young age through TV, and social media.

Depression is another major risk for men. While women are more likely to attempt suicide, men are more likely to die from suicide. Alcohol and smoking lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and liver disease.

Once a diagnosis is made for cancer how does medical cannabis factor into the person’s treatment. It is a scientific fact that the major molecules in cannabis of cannabidiol (CBD) and 9tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) have medicinal benefits because they mimic the CBD (2-AG) and THC (anandamide) substances all mammals produce naturally. Research has shown that CBD works on the immune system to kill abnormal cells naturally. When a person gets cancer a cascade of immune enzymes and ligands our body produces are released from the immune system to kill cancer cells.

Dr. Michael Stewart who spoke at the Palm Springs Cannabis Film Festival in April believes any person taking chemotherapy should also be on cannabis as CBD and THC enhance the effects of chemotherapy. Researchers like Guzman, Donadelli, Nabissi, and Zogopoulos have articles available on showing the benefits of cannabis and brain cancer. Marijuana wellness at gives a detailed protocol for resolving skin lesions from melanoma. Medical cannabis is already used by millions for symptom relief of nausea vomiting pain anxiety or depression, caused by cancer and other diseases.

The Rube Goldberg approach to legalizing this powerful herb does a disservice to the public. Every city or state creates a mosaic of regulations impossible to adhere depriving sick residents the horrendous task of legally ingesting an herb that mimics substances our own bodies make naturally. Education on early detection for cancer is a person responsibility. The advances in cancer research are moving towards oral and subcutaneous injections which relieve the patient of long hours tethered to an intravenous pump.

Whether one chooses the most up to date pharmaceutical or a powerful herb early detection through awareness of bodily changes that need medical attention are the rewards for a long-lasting healthier life. Ladies help the men in your life attend to their symptoms of bodily and mental change. It is not macho to ignore illness. It can be fatal to refuse help.

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