By Jason Hall

This week’s Cannabis Corner is going to be something new. I am not a cannabis user. Not recreational, and not medicinal. I am however, an advocate for cannabis use both recreationally and medicinally. This week, I had the privilege of not researching my topic online, but researching by directly asking an educator. Barbie Sommars, aka Faerie Jane (adorable pun intended), has been a big part of cannabis education for a while now. She is the former COO of Mary Jane University and Former Founding Vice Chair of the Orange County Chapter of Women Grow. 

This week we will be discussing Moonlit Moveable Feast. This will be part one of a two part feature on Moonlit Moveable Feast. I will be sharing my experience as a non cannabis user partaking in a beautiful cannabis ceremony in the coming weeks. Moonlit Moveable Feast is an upscale three-course medicated dinner taking place in Joshua Tree. Barbie explains the experience as “‘Moonlit’ because obviously, it’s under the full moon, ‘Moveable,’ because we will be changing locations and be able to explore the desert with roaming educators, and finally ‘Feast’ because not only will you partake in an amazing dinner, but your eyes will feast on the beautifully natural moonlit desert, and you will be able to sample a few different strains.”

As a non-user (is that correct?), I’m already salivating at the description. The surroundings and experience are the proverbial Pavlovian Bells. Barbie and her partner, Lindsey Jones, have definitely caught my interest. The event location will not be revealed until the day of the dinner. This is an automatic plus for me. It is very reminiscent of the mid to late 90s desert parties and raves. Half the fun was the anticipation of being in “the know.” This is a closely guarded secret because Barbie and Lindsey don’t want the experience to be tainted by a curious crasher who decides to bring their own medication to the party. This event is planed to the “t.” The wrong medication can alter a diner’s experience. If the attendant decides to partake in their own medication, that is fine, but the key is to trust the planners. As Barbie explains, “Trust is a big part of medicating properly.”


In my almost hour long conversation with Barbie, I learned so much. My knowledge was mostly based on Cheech & Chong movie and Half Baked. I smoked a bunch in high school for recreational purposes and knew it as “good weed” and “bad weed.” Both got you high, but “good weed” took you to the next level. When I started being able to afford “good weed,” I started getting paranoid and feeling every ache and pain. Shortly after, I stopped completely. I have heard rumblings of the science behind cannabis, and now I feel somewhat knowledgeable after our conversation. I honestly feel like “weed” is a bad word. It is so much more than “weed,” it is medication. I learned in its raw form, CBD-A and THC-A, it reacts differently than in its burned or smoked form, CBD and THC. I learned of different strains and hybrids which react differently in different people. The list goes on.

If you are like me, a complete novice, or are an expert, I’m sure Moonlit Moveable Feast will be enjoyable. Tickets to this ultra-exclusive experience are somehow still available. The availability is very limited. If you have any connection to the energy of our planet, do yourself a favor and join Lindsey and Barbie on Saturday, November 4 in Joshua Tree. Joshua Tree exudes positive energy by itself; team that natural energy with the positivity of extremely educated people and the natural light of a full moon, and it will be an experience of a lifetime. For more info on the event including the Chef, or to purchase tickets, go to the website at