By Merita Wheel-Zot

Sitting in a quiet, yet sterile doctors’ office as you watch the nurses bring out other patience in a wheelchair- your mind quietly accepts the fact that your body is preparing for a painful and nauseated battle. Waiting for your next steroid injection due to chronic pain or waiting your turn for a radiation treatment and knowing how nauseated you can feel afterwards some patients all to well know the anxiety and suffering that comes from the aggressive medical treatments due to pain management and chemotherapy. When deciding on what to do about your nausea, or pain and not wanting to smoke any cannabis products you can now choose food items that are infused with THC that can help you manage your medical treatments.

Now in concentrated flower forms and distillate cannabis products for culinary creations- edibles are cooked in many food types like gummy candies, rice bars, and cookies. Thanks too culinary advances an amount of food items that you like to eat; not only can the foods alleviate pain and nausea but give the patient the same effects of cannabis without smoking it!

KANHA Cannabis infused indica mango gummies have 10 mgs of THC that can calm your nausea and help you sleep peacefully due to chemotherapy and chronic pain.


The KANHA Cannabis gummy candy products come in many flavors, and two other strains of cannabis which are sativa and a hybrid.  The sativa strains help with pain and nausea, yet it helps you function through the day in a state of calm, and the hybrid products are a combination of indica and sativa that can give you a little more pain relief without the effects of an infused indica.

Dr Norm’s Chocolate Crispy Rice Bar or Fruity Pebbles Bar, and Coco Pebbles Rice Bars are a nice treat or treatment for pain and nausea. Dr. Norm’s was founded in 2017 by his children Jeff Koz and Roberta Wilson to honor their father, Doctor Norman Koz, believed in treating his sick patients with edibles that could alleviate nausea and pain due to illness. Each rice bar contains 10 mgs of THC and is 100% Vegan friendly.  This edible is ideal for all patients, from micro-dosers to those with higher tolerances.

Big Pete’s Double Chocolate Cookies with each cookie containing 10 mgs of THC is a delightful and delicious chocolate chip cookie that can help many patients with nausea or who have lost their appetites because of the chemotherapy radiation and HIV.  Big Pete’s cookies are a favorite among patience, casual users, and experienced users.

There are a tremendous number of edibles that can benefit someone who is suffering from many types of diseases, chronic pain, cancer, gout, depression, arthritis, HIV, and childhood epilepsy.  Cannabis food is becoming a new alternative to how people may choose to treat their bodies.  However, with cannabis food treatments one must be willing to experiment on how much they should eat because everyone’s diagnoses are different, and everyone’s body reacts differently to each item infused cannabis foods.  Further in many of the research studies, although the cannabis treatments can last in your body for over seven hours; in some patients it takes about two to three hours for the infused cannabis foods to take effect.  Nonetheless Cannabis Edibles can give the same effect of marijuana without smoking it.