“Eyes of the World”

By Merita Wheel-Zot

Linda Arbuckle is the bead whisperer from Twenty-Nine Palms California.  Her latest creation “Eyes of the World” a Dream Catcher and Color-Wheel symbolizing the Earths properties; The Sunrise, Sky, Land, Forests, Streams, Lakes, Oceans, and deep within the Earth’s core Lava.  Linda has been doing bead work since she was three years old and using this old native American technique that she learned from her grandmother as a meditation to relieve her of neurofibromatosis.

Neurofibromatosis is a group of genetic disorders that cause tumors to form on the nerve tissue. Painful tumors that have developed on parts of Linda’s’ nervous system causing great inflammatory discomfort and is a chronic condition that requires pain management. Through this extraordinary form of artwork, Linda uses bead work and cannabis as a form of meditation to calm her mind and pain from the tumors that her body has developed. Linda being in pain “twenty-four-seven; you take your mind to a different place” and that place for her has been volunteering at the 29-Palms Art Gallery Museum where her artwork is on display and for sale.

The 29 Palms Art Gallery is the oldest arts gallery in Joshua Tree California next to Joshua Tree National Park and next to the Oasis Visitor Center.  The Gallery is run and operated by the Twentynine Palms Artist Guild and is a non-profit organization founded in 1951; However, the Guild is an all-volunteer organization that offers the community monthly art exhibitions, youth, and adult education classes.  Originally built in 1936 by Western pulp fiction writer, Tom Hopkins; the Guild purchased this desert adobe home and created todays Art Gallery that has local exhibitions, receptions, fund raising, and a gift shop with Southwestern jewelry.


Now on exhibition is not only Linda’s World Dream Catcher, but a beaded Dragon, and a beaded Nemo on display.  Yet, with her neurofibromatosis, Linda has always used the cannabis products created by Heavy Hitters.  She smokes, uses the creams, and eats the edibles for her pain that takes her into a peaceful mediation and allowing her to create her bead work.

Like many experienced users Linda has preferred using Heavy Hitters for its very potent strains created with ultra-premium cannabis.  Heavy Hitters is known for its expert growers and farmers that carefully handle the flower.  They are precise in extracting the buds, testing them each time they are picked and distilling the flower for a premium smoke.

Heavy Hitters has an “ultra-pure and clean distillate” that is consistent giving a user a strong medicine experience and alleviating a patient of their pain. The company is known for its beneficial medicine that is tested with safety and up graded standards because they use one of the most purified and highly tested cannabis strains in the industry.

Heavy Hitters has the Certificate of Analysis or (COA) conducting a high-quality control metrics and state testing standards that meets the State of California strict standards.  The Certificate of Analysis standards are tested by a top leading third-party lab with zero cutting agents, no vitamin E, PG, VG, and MCT fillers.  A client can always locate the testing status done in the labs by locating the Batch number on the back of each Heavy Hitters product.

Most important is that Linda, can use a product for her neurofibromatosis that can help her manage pain, in a peaceful creative meditation that allows her to create bead work like her World Dream Catcher.  On a Sunday morning one can take a drive up to the 29 Palms Art Gallery and look or purchase not only Linda’s artwork but other local art creations that contribute to the museum’s exhibits.  Cannabis, Art, and Meditation is an alternative to healing and managing pain.

The 29 Palms Art Gallery:

74055 Cottonwood Drive (at National Park Dr.)

Twentynine Palms, CA 92277

Regular Hours:

Thursday – Sunday | 11 am to 3 pm

Summer Hours (June, July, August):

Friday – Sunday | 11 am to 3 pm

Phone (760) 367-7819

Note: Please be advised to discuss all medicines and the use of cannabis with your doctor.