By Dale Gribow

The quick answer is NO, not if you are going to drive home. St Patrick’s Day is no different from any other day and two drinks will put most of my CV Weekly readers over the .08 limit. Because most of us are celebrating on St Patrick’s Day we are not paying attention to the number or amount of alcohol we are consuming.

We must all understand is that it is not the number of drinks but the amount of alcohol in each drink. A drink is 12 oz. of beer and about 1 oz. of hard alcohol or 4 oz. of wine. The problem is that many restaurants pour a 6-8 oz. pour of wine and a 2 or more oz pour of alcohol. Thus when you have two 6 oz. glasses of wine with dinner you have really had 3 drinks…and if it was an 8 oz pour of wine your 2 drinks will equal 4 drinks. Some restaurants and bars provide a 3 oz. pour of hard alcohol. That equals 3 drinks… not one.

I recently had a 21 year old kid in my office with his mom who swore he only had 1 drink. I told him his high reading was impossible from one drink. Then I asked if he used a red Costco 16 oz. cup and filled it 2/3 of the way with alcohol and topped it off with OJ……..he responded yes. If he used a 16 oz. cup that was 2/3 full, he was consuming 12 oz. of alcohol which equals 12 drinks. We all forget when bartenders top off our wine when they are half way through.


Alcohol is often not the only issue when one is taking certain prescriptive drugs. Alcohol and many prescriptive drugs just do not mix. When your vial label warns you to not operate heavy machinery/equipment they mean cars. We should probably revise the law to mandate a pharmacy have a label warning that the consumer should not operate a car/vehicle after drinking and/or taking a pill that has that precautionary warning.

Many people think that heavy machinery/equipment is a tractor. My CV Weekly readers need to understand there is something called Potentiation. This occurs when the RX pills, such as anti-depressants and diet pills with this warning, are then combined with an alcoholic drink. The combination could a driver to be as much under the influence as if several drinks were consumed. Illegal drugs like MJ or Cocaine are more dangerous because some MJ today is up to 13 times stronger than it was in the 60’s and 70’s, but the public does not realize this.


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