March came in like a Lion bringing more rain than we’ve seen in years, but will it leave like a Lamb?   “Though ordinarily not a big concern, March winds may pose a very serious fire danger says Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna.  Normally we would have had more rain by now and brush fires are not quite a concern.  With drought conditions and little rain, fuel moisture content is extremely low says DiGiovanna.” 

Historically, we’ve had some very strong wind storms in March.  As the sun angle climbs and the heating of the Earth’s surface increases during the month, convection – warm air pockets that rise vigorously from the Earth’s surface – also increases. Air from higher altitudes sinks to replace this rising air. While this mixing can occur year-round, the winds aloft tend to be stronger in March.

With little rain and low fuel moisture, homeowners need to remain vigilant of March and winds.  The threat of fire remains high unless we get more precipitation.  Create defensible space by clearing hazardous vegetation away from your property.  Clean leaves, needles and twigs from rooftops and gutters. 

Follow your communities brush clearance ordinance by contacting your local fire department.
Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna