By Merita Wheel-Zot M.A.S

The CBD difference in Natures Cure Products; is when the company uses the best ingredients for its CBD products, which are grown in the United States, organic farming is conducted with the practices, and the hemp product is cultivated with naturally developed genetic strains of industrial hemp. The organic hemp is grown in full compliance under section 7606 of 2014 federal farm bill.  So, what is so great about this product?

The first time I tried this product (1500 mg tincture of pure CBD 0% THC) I could feel the beginning of a migraine headache; and taking a full tincture dose my body went into a calm- and I had a window of an opportunity to nurse my headache before it developed into a full-blown debilitating migraine.  How wonderful to be able to stop my major migraine.  Yet, please dear readers always consult with any of your health care providers before trying any CBD or Cannabis product and or any type of medicine.

I believe that the science is key to the pure quality product that Natures Cure provide for their customer.  The testing is an in-house practice and it’s verified by a third-party lab, using HPLC testing methods with certificate of analysis and quality potency results.  What this means is that the product is tested over and over and tried to see how it effects a user.   The results equal a high-quality CBD product, which has generated a high loyalty base of customers- that have told me how much better they feel from their ailments and that they use the product for their pets’ discomforts too!


Natures Cure CBD Eases the Discomforts of:

  • Pain
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Spasticity
  • PTSD

Dosages of Products:

Many clients when starting a CBD medicine begin with 25 to 50 milligrams of a daily dose.  When beginning any CBD product, it is recommended to start with smaller doses and adjust to what your body may need.  Further, with salves or topical treatments it is best to take a warm shower or bath and apply topical treatments where the pain or inflammation exists one to three times a day.


  • 500 milligrams per ounce-
  • 1,000 milligrams per ounce-
  • 1,500 milligrams per ounce-
  • 3,000 milligrams per ounce-
  • 5,000 milligrams per ounce-

This is for people and pets.

Soft Gels:

  • 10 milligrams
  • 25 milligrams
  • 25 milligrams with curcumin
  • 30 soft gels per bottle.

Salves & Gummies:

  • Nature’s Cure Salve 1400 milligrams (Top Seller) Client preferred
  • Nature’s Cure Gummy Drops 10 milligrams

These regiments are perfect for daily use when treating discomforts.

The key of the Phyto cannabinoid medicine plant is that it can help with the reduction of inflammation.  When CBD binds to the CB2 sensory receptors of inflamed immune cells, it will activate a protein called the caspase, which is an anti-inflammatory healing within the body’s immune cells. The anti-inflammatory protein binds to the inflamed cells and it activates a signal that induces the beginning of apoptosis.

Apoptosis is an action of programmed cell demise or death that transpires in multicellular entities or organisms. The biology and chemical events lead to characteristic cell changes and helps reduce inflammation in many diseases such as cancer, which helps bad cells shrink.  In the 1980s my father was diagnosed with colon cancer and went through so many chemo therapies, and is a survivor thank God, yet cannabis and CBD wasn’t readily legal or available and now with so much of the health benefits for cancer patients my family had wished that CBD and other cannabis products were available to help with the apoptosis healing.  That is why we use and believe in the CBD medicine. Yet, the key here is apoptosis can eliminate infected and inflamed cells, which CBD may be able to aid with its protein agents that reduce inflammation.  However, everyone is different in the healing process, and one can only hope that you will choose the best options of medicines.

We humans lose about 40 to 70 billion cells each day due to apoptosis and within children under the age of fourteen they can lose up to 30 billion cells per day.  These differences and changes in the body consists of nuclear fragmentation, and chromatin condensation, which are complex science definition of a morphological hallmarks of the terminal stages of apoptosis.  Apoptosis is a highly regulated and controlled process that confers advantages during an organism’s life cycle. This is what we want for unhealthy cells is for them to die off and in most cases, they can shrink reducing the inflammation and morphing a patient into a healthier state, which opens a window of healing opportunity for the complex immune system.

The importance of this miraculous phenomenon is that science can use this knowledge to teach people a better awareness when treating a discomfort. Phyto-Cannabinoids are a pure natural medicine that can help humans and animals heal with anti-inflammatory ailments.  Further, like I had stated in my last article due to so much research within the cannabis medicine plant; science will soon be able to pinpoint what treatments will work for individuals.  Individual medical treatment plans are the target today for healing and treating many diseases.  However, science today can not dismiss the fact that humans and animals have an ancestral connection to pure based plant medicines.

Apoptosis Review:

  • When injured cells die-
  • Cell contents are bundled into some clusters inside a membrane for the immune systems garbage disposal unit-
  • Eliminates potentially cancerous and virus-infected cells-
  • Maintains balance in the body-

Remember when using any cannabis medicine please consult with your health care provider.

Note: Awareness and Mindfulness is key to many of the body’s needs. All my articles are based on patient reports, and company representatives: WHO-

  • Use the cannabis medicine for chronic ailments
  • Sponsor sick patients with pure CBD with and without THC- (humans and animals)
  • Sponsor Doctors & Families who prefer the plant medicine

Note: If you are interested in Nature’s Cure products, you may contact a local representative:

(415) 608-3328