By Aimee Mosco

“Everything is energy and energy is everything. Absolutely everything you come in contact with and experience has a measurable energy signature or vibration to it.”  –SACRED Manual and Workbook, by Aimee Mosco and Donald L. Ferguson, page 10.

Pure energy is what sits at the roots of any creation. Magnetism draws particular types of energies together to create an energetic symphony which brings about the formation of an experience, thought, emotion or thing.

All human beings are creative by nature, so we magnetically attract and blend energies without making any conscious effort to do it. It is just something that happens naturally because it is coded in our DNA. We do it all day long, every day without even thinking about it.


Even though we are creators by birthright, and we will continue to “create” without effort, it doesn’t mean we should continue to operate on autopilot. In fact, the true gem that is revealed to us and available for the taking with the dawning of this new age, is our ever-increasing ability to manage the magnetism of energy and create in a much more selective way.

If the concept of intentionally blending energies and manifesting outcomes with those energetic cocktails is a foreign one to you, think about it like this; each word you choose to speak out loud and each thought you allow to form in your mind has an energy signature or vibration to it. You are 100% in charge of the words and thoughts you generate. If you commit yourself to generating words and thoughts that honor yourself and others to the highest degree, you will find that what you create in your life is much different than what you created when you were not managing your vibrations.

Unfavorable thought patterns can be hard to break but words that leave your mouth are more often a product of calculated choice. You can choose to upshift the words before they roll off your lips. Language is a powerful energetic force. When you choose to use words that vibrate in alignment with love and gratitude, what you will attract is more energy that vibrates to similar love-based frequencies. This energy becomes fuel and fortification for your creations in progress.

If you are ready to upgrade the vibrations of what you put out and call back to yourself, consider changing your language to reflect more love and make a commitment to work on releasing thought patterns formed with fear-based judgment.

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