What if during the Holidays there have been too many chances to over-indulge in carbohydrates and you have been giving into that craving on too many occasions?  You are starting to gain weight back and you are back into a carb coma that feels uncomfortable.

I get it.  Don’t beat yourself up.  If you aren’t in the right mindset it can be difficult to stay Keto during the holidays.  Temptation is everywhere. No judgement here.

Are You Ready to Get Back on the Keto Horse?


The beauty about Keto is you can begin again at any time!  The sooner you get back on the Keto Horse the better.  No need to wait until the New Year. Here are some diet hacks to get back into Ketosis faster.  You’ll be glad you did!

Go Back to Basics… As if You are Starting Keto for the Very First Time

Cut Way Back on Carbs

How many carbs you can eat per day varies on the person but have no more 30–40 grams of carbs each day and eventually wean yourself to 20grams.  Start to be accountable again by tracking your intake in an app.

Think Fat First

Fats are the fuel we crave on Keto to keep us going.  Get back to thinking about “Fat First”.  Plan your meals around all the healthy fats you enjoyed on Keto.  Make sure fat is at least 70-75% of your diet.  Think avocados, grass-fed butter, olive oil, avocado oil, ghee, coconut oil, coconut butter, and MCT Oil. Beyond traditional fats, enjoy fatty foods such as egg yolks, cheese, nut butters, olives, and grass-fed fatty meats.

Drink Lots of Water

When we start to get back into ketosis our bodies use a lot of water.  Plan to double your normal intake for the first few weeks back on Keto.

Electrolyte Supplements

Beyond increasing your water intake, use a natural electrolyte supplement (with no sugar) to make up for fluid lost. And, to avoid the Keto flu.

Intermittent Fasting

Eat during a 10-hour period during the day, and then fast for 14 hours (a good portion of your fasting can be overnight while sleeping).  Be sure to have your last meal of the day by 6-7pm and then no snacking after that. This forces your body to use body fat for fuel, which is converted into ketones in the liver, and WOW before you know it, you’re back in ketosis!

Take MCT Oil

Did you know that MCT Oil requires no digestion and goes straight to your liver where it’s quickly converted into ketones and is immediately used by the body as fuel?  And, it doubles your Ketone production.  But, take baby steps with MCT Oil and work up to the full dose so you don’t have adverse side effect.

Aahh…Back in the Land of Ketosis

With these Keto diet hacks, you’ll be back in ketosis so fast you won’t even remember indulging in carbohydrates! Well, hopefully you will remember enough not to do it again anytime soon.

If done properly, you’ll be back to reaping the rewards of the Keto Diet that you enjoyed so much before like:  weight loss, endless energy, mental clarity, focus, lack of hunger, improved moods, and more.

There isn’t one size fits all Keto.  Your success will depend on how your body responds, how long you were eating a Keto diet prior to cheating and many other factors. 

Stick with it, don’t look back and Keto On!

Michelle Borthwick, Keto Lifestyle Coach

Michelle believes there isn’t a one-size-fits all Keto and it needs to be customized to a person’s lifestyle, body chemistry and goals.  It’s common for people to be tempted to try Keto on their own without support from a coach because of all the general Keto information for the “average” person online.    The tendency is to reduce the Keto lifestyle to food and recipes from online sources.  My experience, education and client results has proven that people thrive on Keto with customization and strategic support which is designed for long-term results and sustainability.    

She offers 30-minute complimentary sessions on Tuesday and Thursday between 1 – 3 pm to answer any questions about Keto.  Book an appointment at: