All I can hear in my head is Barbara Streisand’s song, “memory all alone in the moonlight.” It was then I began to think about all the songs that have to do with a past memory.  Or, how a certain song can remind us of a certain time in our lives. Yet, what I would like to convey to you, recall fond memories.  Our brains are more likely to

recall an unfortunate circumstance before we would ponder a fond memory.  Therefore, I encourage you to recall what makes you smile.

My mother always told me, whatever it is you’re doing, especially with another person, make a memory.  I was reminded in church this past weekend the importance of


making a memory with your family and the loved ones around you.  My greatest loves in my life are my daughters.  The message reiterated the importance of slowing down, being present and enjoying the moment.  With such day to day busy lives we tend to neglect making a memory.  For those of you who truly know me you know that I’m a rather silly gal.  I’m especially silly with my daughters.  I’ll admit, if I sense a potentially heated moment between sisters, I may react in a silly way simply to distract them. When they were much younger, on the way home from the grocery store, the crocodile tears began to flow, I reached in one of bags and pulled out a carrot and began to use it as a microphone.  Instead of tears I helped produce giggles. To this day, my girls

love the silly side of mom.  I asked each of my girls, separately and a part from one

another, “What will be your greatest memory of mom?”  They both replied, “Snuggling and Cuddles.”  Success!  A memory the three of us will always have with each other.

I’ve decided instead of a bunch of gifts under the Christmas tree this year we’ll

attend a musical or two, take an overnight trip and share time with friends and family. Plus, we plan to volunteer which will help build fonder memories for those in need. Building memories is what we’ve decided are the best gifts this year.

Today, I encourage you, to make a memory in some capacity.  Your kindness or

silliness may make a memory for you and another. A memory can last a lifetime.

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evovle Yoga and YOGA ON

DEMAND and a 7-Principle Signature Program, Better For It Now. 760-564-9642 (YOGA)