By Amy Blaisdell

Palm Springs is leading the way in the Coachella Valley when it comes to water conservation.

In response to one of the most severe droughts in California history and a call to action to reduce water usage from Gov. Jerry Brown, the City of Palm Springs is pleased to announce municipal water consumption throughout the city in local parks and municipal buildings like Palm Springs International Airport, the Palm Springs Public Library, Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort, the Animal Shelter and Palm Springs City Hall has been reduced by an impressive 43 percent, exceeding the state mandate of 36 percent.

In February 2014, Mayor Steve Pougnet and the City Council requested City Staff begin implementing a comprehensive citywide Strategic Water Conservation Plan with key steps that include watering parks and medians every other day, watering in the evening hours, aggressively monitoring and replacing broken sprinkler heads and the implementation of a new citywide radio controlled irrigation system. In addition, the city recently renovated the Tahquitz Canyon Way median into a drought tolerant desertscape and continues to use reclaimed water at Demuth Park, Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort and the Palm Springs Animal Shelter.


The City of Palm Springs Office of Sustainability has also played a key role in successful conservation efforts, partnering with Desert Water Agency to install smart irrigation control devices in residences throughout Palm Springs and offering a popular Lawn Buyback Incentive Program along with a host of residential and business giveaway programs for low-flow toilets, faucet aerators and water efficient appliances.

“For several years now, the City of Palm Springs has been committed to leading the way in water conservation and we are exceeding Governor Brown’s call to action by continually practicing and promoting water saving strategies that benefit both residents and businesses,” said Pougnet, who notes that without the hard work of the Sustainability Commission, the One-PS Neighborhood Involvement Committee and City Staff, the successful implementation of a comprehensive Strategic Water Conservation Plan could not have been accomplished.

“I challenged City Staff, the Desert Water Agency and the Palm Springs community to reduce water usage by 25 percent and I am pleased to say our city has responded like no place else in the Coachella Valley,” said Pougnet. “However, there is still more to accomplish and I ask every Palm Springs resident to continue taking this challenge seriously. Our future water supply relies on it.”

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