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Since 1972, Clark’s Nutrition & Natural Foods Market have been dishing up a recipe of success for those who are focused on remaining fit and healthy. The idea for Clark’s began during a time when the health food and supplementation industry was considered a hangout for hippies. Today, however, society and culture has evolved since those times, and Clark’s clientele has become broad, and its reach, international.

Health and wellness can be a highly complicated subject. Most associate these two distinctions – health and wellness, with merely exercising and sport. Yet, none of us can exercise or engage in sports to the best of our ability if we do not support the foundation of what it requires to excel at either. That being, our health, and there is nothing more important. Not even all the money in the world.

Bodybuilders, whose association with Clark’s Nutrition & Natural Foods Market dates to the 1980’s, ties in closely with the aforementioned. Legendary bodybuilders such as two-time
Mr. Olympia [1980-1981] the late Franco Columbo, became frequent customers. Clark’s, prized itself to be at the forefront of this new bodybuilding phenomenon that washed upon the golden shores of Venice Beach California, and captivated several generations. But it wasn’t just Clark’s ability to deliver its customers the highest-quality and nutritiously-rich organic foods and supplements that gained their trust, it was, and still is the ability of Clark’s’ team to intellectually, and factually, educate customers with advanced knowledge of nutrition and supplementation.


In 2005, Clark’s Nutrition & Natural Foods Market proudly opened its doors to the Coachella Valley located on Monterey Avenue in Rancho Mirage. Since then, Clark’s has continued to expand upon its unyielding legacy of excellence, and of being able to accomplish what no other health food store has been able to duplicate. Not to mention, Clark’s Rancho Mirage market has had the honor and privilege to be a distributor of [late actress and personality] Suzanne Sommers’ skin care and cosmetic line that features an organic, anti-aging, all-natural, and non-toxic product.

Since the birth of Clark’s Nutrition & Natural Foods Market, the team behind its creation, Jim Clark, Ray Clark, and now Josh Clark, along with their extended team members; have been passionately motivated with a focus and importance in education of nutrition and supplementation. “It’s not just about selling products. It’s about educating and helping people become and remain healthy.” Prior to the age of modern medicine, humans relied intuitively upon natural organic foods, and herbal remedies to cure mental and bodily woes. And, guess what … Those age-old traditions of eating natural organic foods and herbs must have worked. If it hadn’t, society wouldn’t have survived long enough to get to where we are today.

What makes Clark’s Nutrition & Natural Foods Market a viable standout, and in many ways, a civil service company, is their ability to answer and guide customers’ health with educated and experienced advice.

Clark’s prides itself on offering customers a highly educated team of Nutritional Consultants. These staff members must undergo a required 3 ½ year supplementation education program (and kept current with the latest on nutritional and supplementation breakthroughs and practices) before they are permitted to advise customers. Nutritional Consultants can be found on and around the isles of the Clark’s Rancho Mirage market every day of the week. This, along with Clark’s careful selection of local and national vendors, and their attention to supply true organic produce is what has established the core of Clark’s decades of success.

In our next article, we discuss Clark’s exclusive use of reverse osmosis water on its organic produce. Note: if reverse osmosis water is not used on organic produce, then produce no longer remains organic …

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