By Bronwyn Ison

Do you care to maintain great health but often struggle with clever ideas on how to add extra healthy boosts to your diet? The human body requires so much maintenance and fueling your diet with proper foods can make or break how you feel daily. As a wellness advocate, yogini, and mother of two, I often need to be “exceptionally” creative in how to sneak nutritional boosts into our diets.

We’re all on the go but it’s no excuse not to eat properly.

For some, eating healthy requires effort. For others it comes more naturally. Fortunately, I was raised with an incredible foundation of healthy eating habits and the importance of exercise. However, don’t be fooled by thinking “naturally” doesn’t require effort or discipline. Effort and discipline are synonymous. Plus, you have to want to feel good, look great, and have supercharged energy all day.


As a wellness aficionado I love to learn how clever I can be with sprinkling, dashing, dusting, hiding, or drizzling savory nutritional ingredients into my food. One of my favorites, I conjured up twelve years ago: Pamela’s baking and pancake products are some of my favorite Gluten Free items. Most children love pancakes. When my oldest daughter was ready for pancakes I wanted to treat her to the best. She wasn’t big on greens. Spinach is one of the healthiest greens you can ingest. So, I’d steam spinach, puree, and add to the pancake mix. Yes, the batter was bright green and rather difficult to disguise. I decided to call them, “leprechaun pancakes.” My daughter found this to be fun. If you’re wondering whether or not you can taste the spinach in the pancake batter… not at all.

Today, our Pamela’s pancakes are much of the same but with other added flavorful boosts the entire family enjoys. I sprinkle Nutiva superseed blend (Organic ground flax, chia and hempseed with coconut), Hemp Hearts (for a nutty taste), and blueberries and a splash of organic Vanilla for a little kick. Plus, we drizzle organic honey (the new syrup) to decrease an abundance of sugar. Packed with goodness and love, it’s a hearty meal.

Use herbs and spices to dress up foods you consider bland. Experiment a new fruit or vegetable regularly. Swap out mayonnaise on sandwiches with spreads such as avocado, hummus, pesto or miso. Add garlic to everything you can. Purchase colorful foods.

Explore options, get creative, and have fun implementing for yourself, friends, and your family. A colorless diet, processed foods, a lack of fruits/veggies, and a deficiency low protein diet could lead to future health problems.

We are what we eat. Out body is our temple. You only get one opportunity to feed your body with superfoods. Eating healthy will assist in you living a vibrant life, looking and feeling younger.