Dear Jenny,
I hear people talk about the decorations they put in their home and how they should arrange the interior to achieve good Feng Shui. But is it important to make sure that it is a certain color? What colors should and should not be avoided when it comes to Feng Shui?
– Thanks, Diana

Thanks for the question. Actually, colors can set the tone, whether good or bad, in a living or working environment. Simple colors can improve the productivity and harmony between guests and employees. They can also attract and inspire clients to spend time in an establishment which in turn can increase revenues. There are different colors that are appropriate for specific rooms and specific business. An example of this is the color yellow, it may enhance an art gallery, accounting firm, or even a bookstore. But it has a negative effect in a jewelry store. How is the color yellow thought of in jewelry stores? A yellow-hued pearl is viewed as too old and luster less, thus valueless.

On the other hand, a men and women’s clothing store can be enlivened with bright colors. Bright colors are usually looked upon as busy, active, definitely not stagnate. Those are the feelings that you want in a clothing store. A place where people meet and are social and make decisions to buy! The color white would be great in any police station, because their seeming incorruptible and pure is the look that is wanted. But bright accent colors should be avoided.

Every area in a home or business has a color that supports it. Just as every area has an element, there also is a color. There is no way to know what color is the perfect color for each room, until a Ba Gua map is applied. But there are some colors that have standard meanings as well as some colors to stay away from at all costs.

A few examples are:
• Purple meaning wealth and prosperity, it is usually a great color to be applied almost anywhere.
• Red meaning hot, fire, passionate, that color should be used with more caution.
• Green meaning growth, moving forward, usually it’s a good color to go with.
• Pink meaning love and romance


Here is a business by business list of colors appropriate to various enterprises.

• Film, television, or recording studio: white, pink, light green, gray, blue, or black
• Shoe store: white, red, gray, brown, avoid black with white
• Jewelry store: red, white, blue, avoid yellow
• Executive’s office in creative fields: green, red, sky blue, multicolored
• Delicatessen: light green, Sky blue, bright colors
• Funeral parlor: all white, red, light blue
• Investment firm: white, green, blue, yellow/beige
• Wine store: pink, light green, light blue
• Restaurant: green, blue, multicolored; avoid red in a seafood restaurant
• Computer store: red, light green, multicolored
• Lawyer’s office: white, beige, yellow, green, blue, gray, black
• Doctor’s office: green, blue, purple, pink, white

I hope that some of the information I have listed gives you some ideas and answers your questions. Thanks Diana

– Namaste, ❤Jenny

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