Get some chilly relief from the heat with a bevy of cold treats, at Flavors in Palm Desert

By Denise Ortuno

It’s that interesting time of year in the Coachella Valley, when the tourists have hit the road, kids are out of school, and the temperatures rise to sometimes uncomfortable heights. We find shelter from the heat in air conditioned dwellings, and tend to venture out after the sun dips down behind the mountains. But hey, it’s a dry heat, right? It is also a time when we crave the creamy coolness of everything ice creamish….in a cone, in a cup, in shake form or floats, and even soft serve. We all scream for, well you know.

I recently visited what turned out to be a pretty well rounded cold treat haven in Palm Desert, in the Bristol Farms shopping center off of Country Club and Monterey. Flavors, has been scooping out delights for well over a year, and the shops name delivers with what they provide to their customers. The bright ambience is blanketed with white, and accented with colorful swirly light fixers that line the window. It’s an inviting space, inspiring the desire to eat lots of ice cream.

I was assisted by Ramon, the shops representative who guided me through the stores abundant offerings and flavors. They carry Oregon based Cascade Glacier ice cream, and offer 34 flavors of hand scooped delishness. Some of their top sellers are Espresso Almond Fudge (super smooth with a light coffee kick), Salted Caramel, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup and the staff favorite, and I must admit mine too, the Maui Waui Sherbet, which seriously will transport you to a cool fruity fantasy world. For those who need a sweet without the sugar, Flavors has no sugar added options for you such as Caramel Praline and Black Cherry.


Flavors also has soft serve yogurt, which is somewhat better for those who have trouble digesting full throttle dairy products. Soft serve options include Triple Chocolate (a chocolate lovers must), Honey Ambrosia, Vanilla Custard and they also offer the super fabulous Dole Whip!

If for some reason you just can’t have your sweet treat without a topping, then Flavors is definitely your spot. They have loads of topping to choose from, from candies, to fruit and everything in between, you can even throw a Twinkie or Ding Dong on your creation if you feel the need. Cups are charged by the weight, so load up to your heart’s desire. Your first order is full price, but if you keep your receipt, you will be given 10% off on your next visit. That’s a sweet incentive!

With summer now in full swing, having a little cold creamy respite is a welcoming notion, and Flavors in Palm Desert will surely bring you the coolness you seek.

Flavors is located at 73-131 Country Club Dr, C1, Palm Desert 92260