By Lisa Morgan –

Just outside our Coachella Valley, 30 minutes north of Palm Springs in the scenic high desert, lies a haven for horses that otherwise would have no home.  In the middle of breath taking mountain views of the Morongo Valley sits family owned Crazy Horse Ranch, a natural horsemanship retreat that offers trail rides, private lessons, horse boarding, horse rescue and camps for adults and children. Owner Jacklyn Wilson, a Wyoming native, has lived with horses her entire life.  She takes a “Natural” approach to her horses and takes special care in teaching horses and bonding the horses with humans. The “Natural” approach teaches a rider how to ask a horse to perform as opposed to telling it what to do, ultimately getting the horse to follow the riders requests because it wants to.  At Crazy Horse Ranch, Jacklyn will teach you the ropes to ensure that your horse ride is an unforgettable experience. Perfect for adults and children alike, Crazy Horse Ranch also offers private moonlight horse rides which can include a ranch style BBQ dinner.

More than half of the 28 horses on the ranch are placed there because the owners for one reason or another have a change of heart toward the horse and horse ownership, become afraid of the horse, or are improperly matched to the horse.  She has taken in horses that were considered unmanageable and transformed them into what she refers to as “big babies”.  Her mission in opening up the ranch to rescued horses is to provide a sponsorship program to help match a prospective horse owner with a horse.    For a sponsorship of $250, a potential buyer basically provides for the feed of the prospective horse while they receive lessons and time with the horse prior to investing in it.  The ranch even has “Equine Bonding Weekend” includes weekend stays on the ranch, horseback riding with spectacular views and gourmet food.



Crazy Horse Ranch also provides riding and safety lessons, natural horse clinics, camps and retreats and hosts special events including quaint western weddings.  For more information regarding the horses, the ranch and the programs available, visit their website at, follow them on Facebook or call them at (760) 831-6450.  They are located at 50440 Cheyenne Trail, Morongo Valley.

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