What makes this adoption story remarkable is that Ted and Cruz are dogs.  We have seen the amazing stories on Animal Planet where dogs rescue their owners from fires, and dogs rescue other dogs from danger.  Now comes our local tale about how Ted and Cruz saved the life of a beautiful dog left to die in the desert……


Local resident Raven Skye adopted two brother dogs from Save A Pet rescue in Desert Hot Springs five years ago.  Bill and Ted were German Shepherd/Husky mix dogs, and played happily together until Bill was in a fatal car accident.  Raven began searching local shelters for a companion dog for the grieving Ted.



One evening while driving home from work on Santa Cruz street, Raven spotted a small black and white pit bull dog standing in the headlights of her car.  He wouldn’t get out of the street, so she stopped her car in order to chase him of the road.  When she passed, she saw the dog in her rear view mirror back in the middle of the street again.  Fearing for his safety, she got out of the car a second time.  As he trotted toward her, Raven saw the animal’s muzzle and mouth area were covered with cactus thorns.  She realized the dog was unable to eat or drink in his current condition.  Instinctively Raven knew she had to help the poor creature, and off he went home with her in the car.  Once home, she set about removing the 3 dozen thorns in the dog’s face.  Soon the new dog met Ted, and amazingly they bonded instantly.  Raven was in the market for another dog, and the relationship between the two canines sealed the deal.


Cruz, named after the street where he was found, proved to be a friendly animal, both to humans and a loving companion to Ted.  There are few breeds in the world that thrive more on human attention than the pit bull, or the Staffordshire bull terrier as they are sometimes called.  Originating in Great Britain, they were sometimes called “nanny dogs” because they are so good with children.  Some folks may remember Petey, the Staffordshire who was chosen for the television show The Little Rascals, because the producers wanted a dog who would do well around the child actors.  Raven adds, “I wasn’t familiar with pit bulls before, but I find they are loving and loyal family members.  We shouldn’t blame the breed for the bad people who sometimes mistreat them.”


Raven enjoys taking her dogs to the desert foothills where they hike, and the dogs can explore freely off leash.  One afternoon, the dogs mysteriously disappeared, returning to Raven bringing another dog with them.  It was the middle of the desert with no homes or businesses for many miles.  The newcomer, a Blue Nose Pit Bull female, was emaciated and dehydrated.  Though a very young dog, she appeared to have given birth recently.  It is possible the animal was abandoned in the desert by someone who may have sold her puppies.  Sadly, this happens too often in rural areas.


ZAPPA NEEDS A NEW HOME –  Months later, the Blue Nose pittie now named Zappa has grown healthy and reached her full weight of 40 pounds.  The dog is about one and a half years old, and needs a home with someone with a very active lifestyle.  She is a beautiful “Brown Eyed Girl” who will gaze lovingly on her humans.  Raven loves Zappa, but had not planned on getting a third large dog.  Raven explains, “I want Zappa to be happy.  She deserves to be in a home with people who are very active and can spend a lot of time with her.  She is still like a large puppy.”  Zappa would be the perfect fit for someone who jogs, hikes, or rides a bicycle.  She loves her two brother dogs, seeming to remember how they saved her that day in the desert.  She is friendly with children.  She is a gentle eater, in spite of her bout with starvation in the desert.  Dogs are resilient creatures, usually able to move forward from past suffering, and living in the moment with optimism.


Anyone interested in adopting Zappa can email Raven at divaravenskye@yahoo.com.  An adoption donation is requested which will go to Save A Pet animal shelter.

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