By Elizabeth Scarcella and Aimee Mosco

It seems a stretch to think that spirituality or spiritual development is connected in any way to technology. The truth is, the two are more intertwined than you might think.

You have heard Elizabeth and I talk about the “new unity paradigm” that (we) collective humanity is moving into, right? You have probably also read our commentary on how this new paradigm represents an opportunity to expand conscious awareness, in turn, triggering greater spiritual remembrance of who we really are and why we are here.

The world is shifting to support this unity paradigm and we are beginning to respond more to the innate desire to connect with one another, to feel like we belong in this collective weave, and to be valued for our unique contributions. As this awareness and spiritual remembrance grows deeper and stronger, unity among human beings becomes not just a possibility but our fundamental soul expectation.


For this reason, technology is potentially one of our greatest spiritual tools to date.  It’s not an accident that the inception of the unity paradigm and the acceleration of technological communication have occurred at nearly the same time.

The internet has opened countless channels that allow people to connect and communicate volumes of information instantly and freely. While the world is still mind-blowingly vast, the internet has removed many of the limitations associated with human connectivity in relationship to navigating the globe.

Think about how social media has changed your mindset. Think about how many people you are connected with on Facebook or Instagram. Think about how many of those people live on the other side of the world, or at least the other side of the country. Dividing lines imposed by proximity, culture, language, finances, time, equipment and a host of other once significant roadblocks are fading because of our ability to communicate so freely.

This type of unobstructed union with others is very important to our spiritual studies and growth in the atmosphere of the new paradigm. We are almost without limitations on the connectivity front at this point. Now it’s up to us to use this amazing tool with purpose to reach our greatest potential in the new unity paradigm.

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