By Bronwyn Ison

How many times have you desired for something but were too intimidated? Stepping outside our comfort zones translates change. Change means potential disruption to our comfortable flow of life. However, if you’re like me, I welcome new experiences. I love to change it up because I thrive on learning what life has to offer.

We all have desires placed on our hearts, personally and professionally.  Of course, part of life is succeeding in accomplishing your dreams and goals.  One thing I always keep top of mind, timing is everything. While we may want something immediately, now may not be the best time for your dreams to come to full fruition. I speak from experience.  There are certain personal and professional dreams I’ve had and patience has be required. There have been numerous times I’ve applied or gone for something and it did not happen.  I learned this is perfectly fine and not to be disappointed.  If I were meant to have something, personally or professionally it would have happened.  Or, maybe it’s still going to happen but not right now.

Making a shift from what comforts us can be scary.  I recall a time that I needed to make some significant changes. Personally and professionally, I decided it was time to color outside the lines (responsibly).  I needed to take action in certain areas of my life where fear dominated.  In other words, I needed to overcome some very big personal hurdles.  I took the leap of faith and I cannot begin to tell you how liberating it feels.  I’ve become fearless in most things.  I’ve truly adopted the old adage, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” 


The more responsible risks, the bigger the blessing, the more I’ve received. The most important lesson I’ve learned, it’s better to have taken a risk than never have known my abilities.  I’ve surprised myself with what I have been able to achieve.  I also learned, if it’s a thought, it can be a reality too.  (Thoughts become things)

I’ve recently made some very big decisions (of which I am very pleased) and time will only tell.  All I need to do is remain confident and press on.  Momentum is everything.  Once you have a good pace it’s important to maintain a steady.  Might I encourage you to set a goal and go for it as soon as possible.

You’ll never regret taking a risks.  You’ll be pleased with taking a chance.  Write down a lost of ventures that make you fearful. Over time you’ll check one thing off at a time.  It’s time you reap your rewards.

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga, YOGA ON DEMAND and “Better For It Now,” An online 7-Principle program to assist the Entrepreneurial, Single and Busy Mother. 760-564-YOGA (9642)