Tempestuous Studio Allows Artists to Promote and Sell Their Work While Receiving Legal Counsel, Branding and Promotion, and More; Art Enthusiasts Gain Access to Original Works and Trial Periods

 Joanna Hogrefe, a Dallas-based lawyer, artist and art activist, today announced the launch of the online art space, Tempestuous (Tmpestuous.studio). Inspired by a storm, Tempestuous’ aim is to evoke strong, passionate emotions from the audience. Whether you’re an artist passionate about pursuing your art full time, or simply an art enthusiast searching for an original piece to add to your collection, Tempestuous is the first online space of its kind for those who love art. By leveraging best business and legal practices, as well as a passion for art, Tempestuous was created to truly transform the art industry business model.

FOR ARTISTS: Tempestuous provides services to artists that go far beyond what a typical art gallery provides, including: • Legal representation for work sold by the gallery, including watermarks and fine print, ongoing image use monitoring, cease and desist orders, and litigation when necessary • Social media and traditional media promotion for the art and artists showcased in the gallery • The sale and promotion of originals, and museum quality prints created by artists associated with Tempestuous • No sign-on fee, and artists keep 70 percent of the sale price of originals and 20 percent of prints.

FOR ART ENTHUSIASTS: Tempestuous’ dynamic pricing structure enables art enthusiasts to purchase fine art originals and authenticated, high quality prints at a reasonable cost. Each piece of art sold by the gallery has several pricing tiers, ranging from small, authenticated, limited-edition prints to those highly sought-after, one-of-a-kind originals. When a customer expresses interest in a particular piece, a high quality print of the same dimensions as the original is shipped directly for review, home staging, etc. The customer then has 10 days to determine if they would like to keep the print, purchase the original or pursue other options in the collection.


“Recently, while touring the Galleria dell’Accademia in Italy, I began to reflect on the current state of the fine art industry and what I could do to change it,” said Joanna Hogrefe, owner and founder of Tempestuous. “In past centuries, working as an artist was a sought-after profession, similar to how being a musician is now. I hope to reshape the business of art by using Tempestuous to make art a highly regarded profession again. We’ll empower our artists with ongoing support, counsel and promotion to manage their art as a genuine business.”

Born in Germany and raised in England, Joanna Hogrefe attended the University of Denver, earning a law degree and a master’s in economics. She began creating art at a young age, but didn’t pursue it as a career due to limitations in the industry. However, after nearly 10 years providing legal counsel on international transactions, Joanna has once again looked to spread her artistic wings by launching Tempestuous.

Tempestuous will release a new online gallery quarterly. Each gallery will feature a theme, based on the artists’ work and emotions. The first Tempestuous gallery, themed “J’Arrive: A Vision of Place,” includes five original pieces by the owner herself. It is now available for view and purchase online. In addition, the collection will be on display at Spectrum Indian Wells Art Show, held March 16-19, in the Coachella Valley, CA.

To learn more about Tempestuous, apply to be a Tempestuous featured artist and to view the full collection, please visit Tempestuous.studio. Stay up-to-date on the latest gallery and events by joining in the conversation on Facebook and Instagram.