By Angela Valente Romeo

Magic is an art form that every child tries at least once in its lives. We attempt to dazzle our friends with a coin behind the ear or by selecting THE card. Magic is well, magic. We are fascinated by it. We feign that we are too sophisticated to be taken in by magic tricks. We worry about white magic and black magic. We worry about the charlatans. We watch in wonder as the rabbit in the hat becomes a duck. We continue to write songs, odes and stories about magic. But checking the box that says occupation – magician – that is another story!

Dean Apple is a Magician. He has resided in Coachella Valley for the past 10 years with his wife Debbie, aka Pinky, his award winning stage assistant. He is an accomplished actor and recipient of Best Male Actor in a Drama by the Desert Theater League, and is a licensed hypnotherapist. He has performed at events with notables such as Magic Johnson, Jay Leno and local Congressman Raul Ruiz. Dean c-may be seen monthly at the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood. Even America’s Got Talent has contacted him for his award winning illusion The Time Machine.

Dean is adept at Comedy Stage Magic and Close-up Sleight of Hand. His latest production, Theater of the Mind, featuring Mind Reading and Hypnosis, will be performed on June 16 at Frankie’s Italian Deli & Supper Club. Frankie’s is located in the Perez Road Art & Design District, 68-845 Perez Road, Cathedral City. The show features “mind reading, hypnosis and other dangerous notions.”


“Like all young boys I loved magic. I still remember the first routine I ever did and the feeling of awe it inspired,” said Dean. “When I was about the age of 12 or 13 all of a sudden magic was no longer cool to me, mainly because of sports and girls. I did not get back into magic until about 20 years ago when I reached a point where I no longer cared about ‘being cool.’ I just wanted to perform magic.”

He joined the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Ring # 291 (Palm Desert). “Through the union, I was fortunate to meet Marvin Roy,” noted Dean.

Marvin Roy aka Mr. Electric was famous for his light show that began with 7 light bulbs on a string pulled from his mouth. His act progressed to 38 bulbs and the distance spanned as much as 35′ across the stage. He and his wife Carol performed around the world and appeared on countless TV shows (remember the old Mike Douglas, Merv Griffin and Johnny Carson shows?). Following his wife’s death Marvin appeared locally including at the original Lyons. Well into his 80’s he was deftly performing sleight of hand illusions. Many magicians were inspired by his act, including Dean. “Mr. Electric continues to inspire me to this day. In fact we just had a great discussion several nights ago at our meeting,” noted Dean.

“I am also inspired by the works of David Blaine. Blaine catapulted the craft of close-up magic to the mainstream through his television specials. Mr. Electric told us that it was not possible to make a living doing close-up magic when he was young. The technique requires an intimate setting, not necessarily suited for a big stage. But David Blaine changed all that!”

“I continue to be inspired by my regular contact with my fellow magicians at our meetings. I am constantly pushing myself with new shows and performing as often as possible. Social media has allowed artists like myself to bring magic to a wide audience.”

“The art of magic, via YouTube, has been brought to countless individuals around the globe. Whether it’s good magic being viewed or not so good, the point is its exposing magic to the masses. I am fortunate to see shows monthly at the world famous Magic Castle which features some of the world’s finest performers. Not everyone is so lucky,” continued Dean. “But people like me who continue to perform at every opportunity help keep magic alive.”

“Most importantly of all I have my loving wife Debbie who supports and believes in me. We live in a great community that has embraced us and we love being a part of the Coachella Valley! So I am excited to bring a live show here. The Theater of the Mind, being performed at Frankie’s Italian Deli & Supper Club on June 16 is a way for everyone to reacquaint themselves with the magic.”

Magic remains a part of our lives and we always will be an art form that dazzles. And as Dean says “I live my life by Picasso’s quote, ‘Everything you can imagine is real.’”

Or is it?