By Craig Michaels

For years the only way to get marijuana was to grow it at home illegally or buy it on the black market. But come January 1st, millions of Californians will be able to purchase marijuana for recreational use. The marijuana industry is exploding as more states embrace the legalization of cannabis.

Desert Hot Springs raised its profile dramatically in 2014 when it became California’s first city to permit the commercial cultivation of marijuana. City leaders hope marijuana will provide a boon for the local economy, as well as growers and cultivators looking to take advantage of the rapidly growing market.

The Desert Hot Springs (CAN) Cannabis Alliance Network, a non-profit alliance of cannabis industry professionals will hold a Cannabis Industry Convention, Friday, October 13 and Saturday, October 14, at Miracle Springs Resort and Spa, in Desert Hot Springs. The Desert Hot Springs CAN provides a responsible and productive voice for the cannabis industry in California through innovative and effective programs in development, operations, regulations, and outreach.


The convention is designed to bring together cannabis cultivators, investors, suppliers and city government leaders, for a learning and networking environment. The events of the conference include City of Desert Hot Springs Mayor Scott Matas, and other civic leaders, for panel discussions, as well as the investors forum, for pitching ideas to potential business partners.

“Our convention will elevate the businesses of cannabis entrepreneurs by connecting people with resources, and important contacts with investors and other experts working in the cannabis industry,” said Jason Elsasser, president of DHS- CAN. “Not only are we planning a great convention, but also fun events of food, cocktails, and a must-attend after party at the Desert Hot Springs Inn.”

Break-out sessions include understanding industry valuations, financial assessments, and money management techniques, which are all unique to the success of cannabis businesses. Additionally, speed-pitching opportunities with investors are scheduled for attendees.

Tickets for the two-day convention can be purchased for $175.00 at or by calling DHS-CAN at 760-218-5447. Single day passes are also available for $99.00 for convention only, and does not include after party events. Vender and sponsorship positions are available by contacting Robin Goins at (760) 218-5447 or by email at

Written By: Craig Michaels Productions

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