Charity: Loving All Animals

By Lisa Morgan

Born and raised in Northern Ontario, Diana Marlo made the desert her home 13 years ago. She is a role model and inspiration to many, and has been instrumental in the success of many ventures both corporate and charitable. I was naturally drawn to her warm, engaging personality at an event that she had turned into a beautiful occasion for a local business. Genuine and down to earth in the most endearing of ways, it’s no wonder people and horses adore her. But this successful entrepreneur/dynamo also knows how to get things done.

Diana Marlo3“I grew up with one older sister in a three bedroom home in a small town, where manners and values were normal,” shares Marlo. “I spent summers camping, and at cottages enjoying the wonderful country air of the clear fresh water lakes. Around 12 yrs old a friend introduced me to horses. I fell in love. I did not have to ride as much as I had to be near them and enjoy their presence. They were my ‘zen’. Today I still have three horses and enjoy spending the sunrise and sunset with them as much as possible.”

Her upbringing makes perfect sense when you meet her. She herself is a breath of fresh air. But she is also a dependable, energetic, creative and successful marketing director and business owner. Her company, Marlo Productions, has created special events that have generated over $360,000 in ticket revenue for local charities over the last six years. Marlo is also the creator of the Desert Woman’s Show, a hugely successful weekend event featuring celebrity guests, informative speakers, product demonstrations, and an exhibit hall brimming with displays on home design, jewelry, health, beauty, fashion and more. This year marks its 10th anniversary. Marlo understands that women make or influence every decision in the household, from fashions, health, and financial planning, to buying a new car, and this expo brings it all together under one roof. Additional contracts include producing various grand opening celebration parties for high-end car dealerships in the Coachella Valley and San Diego, as well as working closely with many local charities to enhance their fundraising capabilities.



In 1992, a Toronto paper featured Marlo with Canadian Prime Minister, Mulroney, in their Business Section titled “Networking key to Success.” “I have always believed good relationships are key to success, personally and professionally,” says Marlo. “I purchased a fashion franchise for my (then) hometown, Thunder Bay, and with no budget to speak of I began building strategic partnerships to market together. Fashion Week was happening in Toronto, so I decided to do a smaller version of that in our little town, and called it the (1986) Thunder Bay Woman’s Show. It was interesting and challenging at times, raising small children, working a full time job as a Comptroller and producing a community event to support the Canadian Cancer Society.” In 1993 the first Toronto North Woman’s Show was born. Today there are Women’s Shows across the country and seem to be a common community event.

“Self-development and motivational speakers always intrigued me,” she continued. “I read and studied all most all of them you can imagine, and in 1992, I began teaching ‘Interpersonal Effectiveness,’ to real estate sales agents. This career grew to new accounts including Pitney Bowes’ National Leadership Program, and finally three contracts with IBM Canada to facilitate a ‘Constant Improvement Program’ for their managers and team leaders. When this program ended, I found myself building relationships with smaller organizations, and ended up in Palm Springs. I stayed,” she said, smiling.

“I took a year off, and then walked across the street to Mercedes / BMW and offered my services. I agreed to work for ‘peanuts’ to provide strategic partnerships and build a brand, and within one year, I was promoted to Marketing Director of 13 hi-line car brands within the auto group. For 10 years I enjoyed being their face of the community, and built strong relationships with local businesses that aligned with these brands. The organization was sold in 2014, and I decided to move on, focus on my community events, and build my own brand, Marlo Productions Inc.”

“Giving back, being a part of my community and caring about those around me keep me grateful for all life has given me. Gratitude is a gift. I was a single Mom (twice), and I believe my drive to stay positive, make things happen and always think ‘win/win,’ came from focusing on my children. They are all (all three of them) wonderful human beings and remain my inspiration today.”

“I love being busy and enjoying my work (it makes it not work). I choose who I spend my time with, and try to align myself with people I admire and respect. My husband, Greg Noll, is my greatest fan and an inspiration for me. He has so many talents, different from mine, and keeps me balanced.”

“I hope in ten years, Greg and I are enjoying time in the desert and time with my sister and children in Canada. I see myself still producing the Woman’s Show and enjoying the championship of so many incredible women I have met along this journey called life.”