By Jason Hall

Since this is the first High Desert Review, let’s start with the first awesome place in the high desert geographically; Dillon’s Burgers and Beers. This place is fresh to the high desert. They are a staple in Desert Hot Springs, with the original Dillon’s located of all places, on Dillon Rd. It is the oldest building in Desert Hot Springs.

The original location is a bit off the beaten path, but well worth the 5 minutes out of your way. It has been open for years and it shows. It’s a good burger joint for locals and wayward travelers alike. Want a quick bite and drink, this is the place. Want to hang out for a while and watch a football or baseball game, this is the place. Want to meet new friends? This is definitely the place. The employees and patrons are open and friendly. With the success of the original, Jameson and Amanda Walker decided it was time to expand.

Jameson and Amanda Walker are the owners of both low desert and high desert Dillon’s locations. The high desert location just opened up to rave reviews by the locals. Is this fine dining? No. But it is exactly what one would hope for from a local roadhouse. It’s amazing burgers, strong drinks, and the best fried food in Morongo Valley.  It also serves as one of only two full bars in Morongo Valley and the only family friendly one.


Why open in Morongo Valley? When asked, Jameson states, “There is so much potential here in Morongo Valley with so many cars passing through.” The Walkers are fans of Morongo Valley and own the building. They plan on being around for “a very long time.” They see the potential that many people are starting to see in Morongo Valley. “We need to bring more stuff to Morongo Valley,” says Jameson. There definitely is room for growth and a great roadhouse is the perfect addition.

Dillon’s (the DHS location), under the current ownership, is where the birthplace for arguably the best festival in Southern California was; Desert Daze.  They hosted 12 days of rad music between Coachella Fest weekends in 2012, and did it well. Dillon’s also hosted many Shurptown shows. Shurptown seems to be defunct now, but in the local hardcore scene, they were a force.

While Jameson and Amanda may have taken a break from live music, they have not taken a break from straight up honky-tonk dining and drinking. Live music will be returning. Come up and check out the new location. Party in the front, games in the back, family friendly, and adult friendly.

On a scale of “Lame” to “Desert as Fuck”, Prognosis: “Desert As Fuck”