Been Mixing Music Half His Life, At Age 28.

By Craig Michaels

While growing up in Bakersfield Ca., Kohdi began expressing himself as a break dancer at age six. His passion would soon change after a friend brought in a turn table and mixing board during his freshman year in high school. After his friend demonstrated some scratching techniques, Kohdi got his turn and instantly fell in love with mixing music. After maintaining his grades, his father agreed to reward him with two turntables, a mixer, two speakers and some hip hop records.

After graduation, Kohdi went into the tech world but would eventually lose his job and decide to relocate to the Coachella Valley from Santa Barbara in 2008. He moved to Palm Springs with a friend and started playing in the bars and clubs within a couple weeks of his arrival. One of the most active DJs in the Coachella Valley, Kohdi currently plays six to seven nights a week at the Village Pub in Palm Springs and officially hasn’t had a weekend off in 7 years but says he loves it!

Incorporating his enthusiasm for music, dance and life, he puts on show for his audience. “I love to dance around, get dance circles started and show the crowd how to move to the music so they feel more comfortable to interact,” explains Kohdi. During his sets, you can regularly hear Kohdi enhancing the music through scratching, drum tracks and other sounds the feel good at the time. He has perfected the art of mixing genre to genre. Kohdi can mix up to 20 different genres per night providing that the crowd is receptive to the cultural transitions.


Having spent many years in the rave community DJing at big parties and desert events, Kohdi admits to having a big passion for Drum & Bass and Electro. He is confident in the versatility of his music selections when reading the dance floor: “I pride myself in knowing I can play for anyone, anywhere, for an extended period of time. You want it, I’ve got it.”

Prior to his current 3 year residency at the Village Pub, Kohdi owned and operated his own mobile DJ company call “IDOLEYEZ.” Although doing an occasional mobile gig is not out of the question, his priority these days is making sure his duties are taken care of at the Pub. Ultimately Kohdi is happy to play anywhere the music will be appreciated but having a steady gig helps pays the bills. Having been homeless at one point and resorting to selling his DJ gear to survive, Kohdi doesn’t want to end up in that situation again.

His plans for the future are to stay humble and excel at his positon at the Village pub. This DJ/entrepreneur also dreams about possibly expanding his business to a full service entertainment agency down the road.

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Written By: Craig Michaels

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