By Craig Michaels

As a young kid growing up in the San Fernando Valley, DJ Smerk (Christian Oropeza) would tune into popular radio stations like KIIS FM and Power 106 where he would hear mash ups and remixes during the rush hour traffic jams. Smerk became fascinated by the seamless blending of the different songs; “I always wondered how they did that, how did they get two different vocals on one beat and how did they change up that beat?” When he realized there were DJs who would create these sounds, Smerk knew that’s what he wanted to do for a living.
At age 11, Smerk moved to Lancaster where six years later he would begin his DJ career. Starting out playing at house parties for friends and neighbors, Smerk realized that working as a mobile DJ performing at weddings and private parties was not for him. He quickly began performing at clubs and shows while executing his remixing skills. Since he always had a smile (or a smerk) on his face, his friends would eventually pin the name DJ Smerk on him.
Playing many of his own remixes and edits at clubs and shows, Smerk began to attract some attention; “ I would constantly have DJ’s come up to me after my sets and ask me, hey what remix of that song did you just play? So when I tell them, oh that’s my remix! They’re shocked at the fact it was mine and want to know where they can get it as soon as they get home.” Smerk’s sets run the gambit depending on the crowds in front of him; “I don’t like to focus on only one genre of music. I’m open format which is great because you never know what type of crowd you’re going to get. In one night I can start off with some Hip-Hop, then move up to some Pop, make my way to some House and maybe some Rock here or there.”
Balancing out family time and DJing has become a challenge since Smerk has begun traveling around to other states like Texas and Arizona to perform his shows with fans showing up just to see him spin. He was recently honored to be featured at 2013 SXSW (South by Southwest festival highlighting music and film.) His Mash ups and remixes have become sought after by multiple DJ record pools like,, &
Like many DJs before him Smerk has gone from playing other peoples music to making his own; “I’ve started working on original productions now. I’ve also been lucky to collaborate with some really great producers and DJ’s this year and their talent only reminds me that I always need to be working harder.” As Smerk continues to soak up as much knowledge as he can from others he hopes to put out an EP soon. Smerk has accomplished a lot in is short DJ career and at the age of 22 he realizes how lucky he is; “Every day that I get to do this is like a gift to me.”
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Written by: Craig Michaels
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