Humbled & Addicted To His Craft

By Craig Michaels

While most teenage boys are filling their spare time with sports and after school activities, Trevor Worden was obsessed with making mix tapes for his friends. At 14 years old, Trevor wasn’t just making ordinary mix tapes; “I was cutting parts of songs and arranging them to tell stories and adding in vocal samples to make it more interesting. I even took apart my tape recorder so I could manipulate the rubber bands with my fingers to recreate record scratch sounds” remembers Trevor.

It was about six years later, Trevor would get bitten by the DJ bug; “I was at a birthday party and a friend of mine had brought his DJ set up with him and was playing music for us. When he wanted to take a break, I asked if I could try it out. The second I learned how that mixer worked, and what I could do with it, I was hooked. From that moment on, I put all my energy, time and money into learning and buying gear. It was like I was an addict. I would go without meals so I could buy more records. I was literally a vinyl junkie.” Trevor likes to joke about how his mother is also partially responsible for his passion of music, “while my mother was pregnant with me, she worked the door at a disco in San Diego. I think that I might have fallen in love with dance music in utero.”

One skill in particular has helped make Trevor’s gigs successful and that is coming to each event with an open mind so he can customize the play list to please the crowd. “I don’t play at events for myself. I’m humble enough to know that I’m there to entertain, not to force my music down people’s throats. That’s why my tagline is “Your Friendly Neighborhood DJ,” emphasizes Trevor. While he plays what ever gets the crowd in front of him going, Trevor knows you can’t please everyone 100% of the time. He finds sometimes taking requests is a good way to build a relationship with the crowd
Like all good DJs, Trevor enjoys listening to many genres of music but he has a serious passion for house music; “For me, house music creates a vibe that’s unique. Its complex rhythmic patterns, deep melodies and bass lines can create a mood and environment that’s spiritual in nature. You don’t just listen to house music, you feel it!”


Trevor has joined a network of entertainers called, “Desert DJ Entertainment.” The group books and promotes both private and public events. One of his signature events is the art and mixed media shows. It’s kind of like a mini Coachella where art and music collide;”I like to inspire others with unique experiences. These shows also help local artists to grow and become involved in their community as well. I like to take the art experience out of a gallery setting, which can be a little intimidating for aspiring artists. I feel like I’m giving them a vehicle to grow, learn, and build confidence in themselves,” explains Trevor.

His plans for the future include working with a few local artists to create interactive art and music experiences that will be unlike anything that’s ever been seen in this valley. Trevor is also very excited to announce that he has recently decided to enter the music production world, “I feel like it’s the next obvious step in my evolution.”

If you would like to contact Trevor you can email him at: or like the Desert DJ Entertainment Group on Facebook at:

Written By: Craig Michaels
Musical Affair Entertainment