By Craig Michaels

Growing up in Lemon Grove California, DJ Zephyr Brown is no stranger to the Southern California sunshine. He decided to move here from San Diego County two and a half years ago since his wife was raised in the Coachella valley and they both agreed it might be easier to find work.

As a young boy, Zephyr would listen to his dad’s Jazz music and was intrigued by his huge collection of vinyl. Listening to radio DJs would eventually inspire him to start playing music at home, “I started with a tape deck, turntable and CD player, I was a bedroom DJ for a few years before I played my first school dance at 16,” remembers Zyphyer. He would soon graduate from school dances to working for a mobile DJ company in San Diego playing dinner cruises. While pursuing higher education at San Diego State, the fledgling DJ would dabble in radio broadcasting while working at the campus radio station reading the news.

Zephyr’s knowledge and passion for music were evident in his exceptionally eclectic dance sets. From dinner cruises to cruise ships, Zephyr began to travel around the world. He continued to hone his DJ skills aboard cruise ships and playing sunrise parties on a beach in Bermuda among other exotic locations. His versatility in music programing would range from deep house and down tempo, to soul and punk! He would separate himself from other DJs by dropping much unexpected tracks every once in a while.


He admits after 19 years of being a DJ, the most challenging part of the job is getting people who never dance, out on the floor. In order to encourage first time dancers, Zephyr tries to find a song that they connect with to break the ice. Currently he spins mobile gigs, weddings, boxing matches, clubs and fashion shows. His love for music is rivaled only by his thirst for visuals. By adding video and lights to his gigs, he can bring his shows to the next level.

Exploring his talents, Zephyr has recently begun to mix his own music, “I have a track coming out in February on beatport and I am currently working on a documentary soundtrack,” He explains regarding his recording career. His future plans include possibly dipping back into the radio world. You can join DJ Zephyr every Sunday at the Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs starting in March.

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Written by: Craig Michaels
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